A Key Tip to Establishing Your Business In the Media

Ever watch the news or read a magazine article and see the launch of a great new product or hear that expert opinion on a topical issue? That my fellow business owners is most likely a result of PR.

Being heard or seen in the media is a priceless and credible branding opportunity that money can’t buy…literally. You can purchase advertising and you can buy sponsorship. You can even hire a PR agency, but even that won’t guarantee you and your business media exposure.

However, once you gain media exposure, it’s almost like a third party endorsement. It’s a credible branding tactic that in turn will generate familiarity and trust for your brand like nothing else can.

Here is a simple yet effective way you can pitch yourself to the media and take your brand to that next level.

Pitch yourself as an expert in your field

Journalists are on the look out for credible resources and experts for their upcoming stories on a daily basis. For whatever topic they are writing on, they are looking for experts in their field that can provide insight, trends and advice on the issue.

If you are thinking to yourself, “I don’t have any specific expertise,” then think again.

For example, you may own a men’s designer shoe store. On the surface, it may not look like you have much to give in the way of expert opinion. The obvious comment you could provide to the media is “men’s fashion advice”.

Yet, we can even go a step further than this…

Ask yourself, who are my customers? Could quite a large percentage of this men’s shoe store’s customers be grooms and groomsmen? If so, there is your opportunity to approach wedding publications, print and online. You could provide insight on the latest wedding trends for grooms or the do’s and don’ts for men’s shoes on their wedding day and the list could go on.

When doing your pitch to a journalist, simply and briefly explain who you are and what advice you could provide if they were ever to do a story in your area of expertise.  You never know when that journalist may come calling to get your expert opinion for their next story.


Tania Willett is Founder and PR Consultant at TJW Public Relations. Tania specialises in helping start-ups and SMEs establish their brand, product or service in the media and developed the DIY PR Kit for SMEs. For more information on DIY PR, including step-by-step guides and pitch templates visit tjwpublicrelations.com.au