Printed Media

How Newbies Benefit from Printed Media

The modern world is always changing as we speak. New developments are always becoming a reality at an increasingly fast pace. These developments don’t only concern the field of medicine, technology, and other branches of science. The reality is, change is moving everywhere, including the world of business.

In the past, ordinary people hardly had anything to set up their business. If they had the means, maintaining a stable firm has its issues which will eventually lead to their failures. Today, with almost limited starting funds, a business could turn into an empire in no time.

Indeed, the advancements in the world have become the main contributors to this fast pace change that everyone is experiencing. In the world of business and entrepreneurship, the age of paper and printing is slowly nearing its end, while digital advertising is at the top, enjoying its prime.

A curious case for paper and printing is that they never seem to die and succumb to the changes. Despite the advantages that digital media brings, paper and ink remain relevant with business owners, especially those small and aspiring entrepreneurs. Here’s a look why printed media remains a good choice for a starting business.

Paper and Ink are always first

When it comes to starting a venture, the first thing that always gets into mind is the paperwork required to run a legitimate business. It is always a bad idea to rely heavily on digital documents as these are not formal and sometimes not valid for some people.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to advertising, the digital ways are more far-reaching and reliable. But with confined spaces like in a small town or community, a little hard work and printing could just be as useful. Although it’ll cost more, the attention that it attracts is phenomenal. This practice is particularly the case if people like a product and the way a company reaches out to them.


Printed Media is more of a commodity nowadays. An honest observation is that Digital Marketing is almost perfect, albeit the few flaws it shows. For instance, Digital Marketing is limited in reaching out to people in areas that have no or limited connectivity.

Printed media, steps in and fills that deficit. Often, a lot of articles pit Digital Marketing and Printed Media against each other. The truth is, both tools are powerful in their right. If used together, then the potentials are countless.

Companies like Print Meister along with other advertising solution providers utilize both digital and printed media. In such cases, the value that both these tools bring is unlimited.


A lot of companies also specialize in flyer printing services which enable a lot of upstart entrepreneurs to benefit from the affordable services. A stack of well decorated and designed brochures can be just as effective as an online ad.

Printed Media Fosters Relationship

The relative ease of distribution of printed media makes it a focal point in enabling a seller to meet with their potential market or clients. Handing out cheap business cards to people instead of getting their information through paper and pen is more effective in fostering relationships.

Presenting one’s card is formal and is an excellent way to making an impression towards a possible client or partner. It also shows that a person is professional in the ways he or she handles business. It indicates that they are prepared and ready to deal with any queries that could lead to an agreement.

Specific Audience

Although the times are demanding a lot of changes, there’s still a persistent part of the population that still prefers the “real thing.” This large group makes printed media so relevant that it’s not possible to disregard them. A lot of people don’t have the patience to use mobile phones and other gadgets.

Instead, they get their news or ads from more conventional means such as television, newspaper, and magazines. Due to this demand, a lot of companies still produce a lot of printed media. Although newspapers are the bulk of this production, greeting cards, posters, etc.


Online advertisers sometimes put limits on ads. This limit means that small businesses can fine-tune their spendings towards a more personalized way. It enables them to take control of how much they spend according to their budget.


It’s no debate that the world of business and entrepreneurship is taken swiftly by the power of online ads. However, print media remains relevant because of the capabilities it has over its digital counterpart.

Such qualities include being able to reach certain parts of the population which prefer more conventional ways of seeing and knowing about news, products, and everything else. A lot of people also prefer holding the real thing as opposed to reading ads that are always present online.


Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur, digital marketer and the incorporate partner of Print Meister, an online printing company. He has impressive track records when it comes to business, as evidenced by the years of experience he has in the field. Patrick is also known as an influential mentor and teacher. He often likes teaching and guiding young people to enable them to become responsible leaders in their chosen field.