How to Juggle Being a Dad, Husband and Business Owner

How to Juggle Being a Dad, Husband and Business Owner

Juggling being a dad, husband and business owner can be challenging at times.

My name is Paul Ames and I operate “Skye’s The Limit Career Counselling” which helps professionals who struggle to roll out of bed each morning for a job that makes them miserable, we help you to create an unstoppable positive mindset and uncover a career path you desire.

I named my business after my 2 year old daughter Skye, creating a balance in all of the above areas requires great time management, compromise and a positive and driven mindset. When I first started , I found myself falling into a common pitfall of focusing too much on growing and expanding my business and as a result I didn’t spend enough time with my family. I believe that whenever you have kids you develop and refine amazing time management skills and learn to prioritise your tasks more efficiently.

One way I ensure that I have an even balance of my time is by creating and printing out a weekly schedule with allocated time blocks for business, family and personal time. Each of these blocks are highlighted by a different colour and printed out and put on the fridge so that we all are in alignment with each other.

The key to successfully implementing this schedule is being firm with your allocated blocks and not letting distractions interfere with them, as it is too easy to get sidetracked.

A crucial aspect to ongoing business progress and success is ensuring that your reasons for being in business align with your values, the reason I say this is because when things get tough in your business and your reasons are not strong enough, you will eventually give up or give in.

Another important aspect that motivates and drives me every day is asking myself “Who is relying on me to succeed in my business”. When I think about my family relying on me to create the lifestyle we desire, it fires me up to be the best version of myself and put in the work and effort every day.


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