How Your Entrepreneurial Journey Can Empower Your Children From an Early Stage

Setting on this start-up journey after the birth of second child meant dealing with constant worries about my parenting commitment, business challenges like any other parent. There are many articles written about how parenthood can help you with entreprenuership or make you an efficient employee, but there wasn’t much satisfactory information about reverse effect on our kids.

Guess, I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Recently I met with few mothers who run their own business and got the opportunity to discuss the impact of their business journey on their family / children. So this article is a summary of these conversations and my personal experience with my little ones.

Self Driven Individuals:

Children learn to aim for their own goals, as they see their parents striving for their goal in life with a burning desire. Some of the stories I heard were of children starting their own cooking show on Youtube, excelling in special school entrance exams and more without any guidance from their parents.

People Friendly Individuals:

I have seen this transformation happening in our little girl in past 2 years. She has been a very shy girl, but now after tagging along with me at markets, fairs or listening to my Skype calls with artists / business coach and more she seemed to have become more of people connector.

Walking Sponge of Information:

Entrepreneurship involves constant learning and implementing new skills everyday. Of course the little ones are observing us and seem to become a walking sponge themselves absorbing information all the time. They love to gain new information and implement it out of curiosity, so learning becomes fun game for them.

Imbibe the value of Fortitude in them:

Children see their parents hustling every day without giving up on their goals. Even if the little ones can’t express or explain the meaning of fortitude; they can certainly learn through role modelling. They learn to be persistent and get what they want by proving their merits without being a drama king/queen

So, if you are a parent who experiences these juggles; then would love to hear your story!


About Author: Akshaya Borkar Co-founder of The Craft Gallery, winner of Brilliant Biz Mum Award, Australia 2015. The online gallery provides Done-It-For-You services in e-commerce, online marketing and PR opportunities for Creative businesses in arts and crafts industry worldwide. Browse unique handmade creations by 40 artists from 5 countries online in our gallery!

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