Time Management

Lessons Learned About Time Management From a Puppy & Pneumonia

Sounds completely ridiculous, right?  But believe it or not, I’ve accomplished more in the last three weeks of being hospitalized and getting an 8 week old puppy than I have in the last few months!  How did I do it?  Well, I thought I would share some key points here because I feel in this current age of faster and faster and everyone appearing to want everything done yesterday, the points are probably going to hit home to a lot of people.

Firstly, listen to your body!  Now I haven’t had Pneumonia for nearly 10 years but when it happens it is smackdown!  There really isn’t much you either have the desire to do nor the energy.  So what did I do for the fortnight I was laid up I hear you ask?  Well, besides re-scheduling and/or cancelling a bunch of appointments and initially feeling very sorry for myself, I actually sat down and put together my goals and then a plan for the next 12 months.  Now I know with all of the so-called “busyness” of life these days, I would never have got that done had I not been laid up.  And I am so incredibly grateful that I was!  The amount of fun I had doing it, which in turn put my entire biochemistry into such a positive and uplifting energy vibration that then healed me, was just amazing.  Within days of completing my goals for 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, this month and next month – I was back to normal.  Coincidence you say?  Well, maybe.  But learn to listen to your body – sometimes it is purely and simply telling you to stop and take a break.  And sometimes those messages are louder than others – mine was a brick!

Since then, I’ve put into place weekly and daily goals.  Which, unbelievably, I’ve managed to accomplish fairly easily and effortlessly.  Before I became ill I surrounded myself with lists.  I really am a list kind of gal.  But the lists never really had a deadline attached to them.  The power of seeing a date and “Weekly Goals” at the top of the sheet really sent my sub-conscious mind a very clear message – that this stuff was just going to get done no matter what.  And for some strange and unknown reason, I’ve started seeing things differently.  For instance, not spending so long going through e-mails.  And I’ve become much more decisive on what I read and give energy to.  I’ve become more energized in the sense that when a task needs to be completed – I just keep going until it’s done.  It really has been an epiphany that I just cannot fully explain.

I have what I call a “Prosperity Binder”.  It’s a two ringed lever arch file that I put in things like my dreams, uplifting e-mails, quotes, articles, pictures of things I would like to buy, affirmations, the natural laws of the universe, notes from books I’ve read – you get the idea.  Well this binder of mind was bulging with stuff I had put in there 10 years ago.  A lot of it I either no longer desired or I had actually achieved.  In fact, I think I had equally as much fun pulling out pages and throwing them in the recycling bin excited at exactly how much I had achieved over the last 10 years.  I surprised even myself.  So now my binder is much smaller, compact, current, concise and clearer to read.

The last part of this process was my vision boards.  I had a bag full of cork boards that I had bought last year with the express intention of completing this exercise but had been procrastinating as I wanted to finish my goals, plan and Prosperity Binder before I got to this (and of course never managed to find the time to finish).  Well I managed to spend a morning on this.  I got out of bed and spent 3 hours to be precise.  I segmented the boards into the now stuff I need to have close to my desk to refer to on a daily basis, my longer term goals and plans and the rest were pictures of things I want to attract into my life – stuff mainly like cars, a boat, a slide on camper, a light aircraft, a motorbike, an American Barn, grand piano, horses and donkeys, pictures of how I want my new ensuite and kitchen to look and pictures of me on stage and how my body is going to look.  And again, it was so much fun!

By now you are probably wondering how the dog comes into it.  Well to cut a very long story short, I’m a passionate German Shepherd owner and lost my last girl on New Years Eve very suddenly and extremely tragically.  Since that time, nothing felt right.  I felt as though my routine was upset, my biochemistry was out of whack, in fact my whole vibration had suffered.  So last week we got an 8 week old puppy.  Now if you’ve ever had a puppy you will know the amount of time they take up.  Playing, cleaning up little ‘surprises’ they leave for you all over the house, toilet training, feeding, walking, keeping them from terrorizing the cats.  You know what I’m talking about.  Now when you have a plan and deadlines in place to get stuff done and you have a puppy in the house, time management becomes somewhat of a priority in your life.  Now again, I have noticed my entire biochemistry shift since Maia came home.  I feel complete again.  I don’t allow stuff that used to take up my time, eat away at me anymore.  I now find myself focussing on precisely what is important.  I make sure now that anything that is not on my list or in my calendar is either ignored, re-scheduled or if it’s to do with the dog, delegated or moved so she doesn’t chew it or she is confined while I’m working on something important.

It’s truly amazing how something can happen in your life that can quite literally transform the way you perceive things, respond to them and then act.  I’m doing things so differently to how I did them a month ago, I feel differently, I think differently, speak differently, am laughing way more and the result – I’m way more productive and the results are starting to already show.  Now I’m not suggesting you go and get yourself sick and then get a puppy.  What I am suggesting is sometimes we need a gentle (and sometimes even not so gentle) reminder of what is important.  It can be as simple as getting a new pet.  So watch for things that happen.  Initially they may seem catastrophic, but if you look from a different vantage point, they can actually be the absolute best things that could have happened.  All you need to do is be aware of them.


by Fiona J Lindsay, CEO & Founder of “The Networking Formula”. Find out more at www.FionaJLindsay.com