Owning a Business is About Changing Lives

Learn how your company can help raising awareness of social care causes. Be the one to make the change!

Behind the curtains of the nonprofits and political organisations who happen to take the leading position in charity events, there are these smaller companies which have managed to put cause supporting in better use.

Hope For Greater Good

When I first heard of businesses crowd-funding causes, I had to say I was a bit skeptical. Little did I know at that time, what incredible power charity holds. I came to realise charity can help a company turn its clientele into a true community. When joint into a cause – a goal for the better of us all, our social nature shifts us into an unbeatable power – a power which can change lives. And what could be better than trying to build such a strong, caring community with the people who trust you?
There is something magical about charity you don’t see just at Christmas.

What ​Paul’s Cleaning along with other companies did for ​Movember, takes customer care to the next level. Showing off your company’s exclusive discounts and deals tailored by your customers’ needs is one way to let them know you care.Yet, if you are willing to give in the name of a good cause, standing behind the ideas you believe in could bring greater good to all of us.

Take Part of the Community! Join a Cause!

When it comes to raising funds for a special cause, most companies silently absent themselves. Instead of giving hope and reaching out to people in need, they focus on marketing strategies and profit systems, not realising the importance of being part of a community.

There are various ways you can participate in a non-profit event. Help for fundraising and bringing awareness of the cause your company cares for by registering as an official supporter or joining online support organisations.

Find a Cause: There are thousands of support institutions all across Australia and the Northern Hemisphere which need your help. Choose the ones your company and clients really care for and built a community backing the cause in any way you can.

Spread The Word: Online communities such as Good.Is, Causes.Com and Change.Org could help you bring your cause to people’s attention. Search for forums and groups which share the same interest as your cause and show others you care.

Fundraising: Bring your company members together and try to fundraise that research needed for the organisation to make a change in people’s lives. Start a crowd funding campaign to support science and medical researches, shelter and resources aiding the cause you stand behind.

Work With Love: Always remember the greater cause of your deeds. Your hard work might change someone’s life forever. Be the one to tell people there is someone who cares!