Enhance Your Website With Free Google Gadgets

If you are wanting to add a bit of ooomph to your website without having to spend thousands of dollars on developing your own applications, you can take advantage of Google’s Free Gadgets.

What are Google Gadgets?

Google Gadgets are visually appealing mini applications such as clocks, weather globes, media players etc that add interactivity to your website.
There are several thousand free gadgets available in the following categories:

Fun & Games

Some great gadgets include:

Date and Time

This allows you to add a clock to your page.

World Clocks

This gadget displays multiple analog or digital clocks at the times in the selected time zones or countries/cities. The clocks can be synchronized with the developer’s server to always display the correct times. This is especially useful when working globally.

Weather Forecast

Allows you to show Live Weather on your website. Your visitors can view local weather conditions and forecasts. This is an international weather service


Easily manage and track your daily to-do list. ToDo gadget lets you add up to 7 tasks, the average amount of concurrent tasks the human brain can handle effectively). You can highlight tasks in different colors and change their priorities, etc.

Driving Directions

Help your customers find the best way to get to your office/shop. Driving Directions utilizes Google Maps and are available for the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and more.


Live News feeds from CNN.com. Edit the gadget settings to view between 3 to 15 Headlines in each Category (Top Stories, World, U.S., Business (CNNMoney.com), Politics, Sports, Markets, Entertainment, Science, Health and many more RSS options). Choose long or short news summaries.

Flight Status

Add flight status and tracker to your page. Search by flight or route, or view arrivals and departures at an airport. The broadest US and international coverage available.


Allows you to lookup keywords in Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, or Reference.com.

Currency Converter

Forex Currency Converter is the most popular currency tool on iGoogle with over 180 currencies and commodities. You can perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations using up-to-the-minute currency rates with historical charts, finance and forex news, and more.

Money Tips of the Day

Daily tips about finance and money

Send a Video Message

Record video messages and send them through email, instant messenger (IM), and even into MySpace. VIDIMe uses Flash streaming video technology, so there are no attachments and no downloads. Unlike YouTube, messages are sent only to the people that you send them to, not posted on a public site.

Translation Tool

Simple translation Box is the world’s leading dictionary and thesaurus Powered by Babylon and Wikipedia on your Google homepage! or on your website Get instant translations, information and conversions with Babylon. Translate to French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and other …

Leadership Quotes

Leadership Quote of the Day. Great Tips. Great Advice.

Loan Calculator

Simple interest loan calculator.

Mortgage and Real Estate News

Shows the top Mortgage and Real Estate News Stories from MortgageNewsDaily.com

Stock Portfolio

Highly configurable list with unlimited number of stocks. See chart and details for each stock. Calculate total value, earning and much more.

My Notes

A simple tool which allows you to maintain multiple notes in one gadget. You can browse between different notes, customize colours and print individual notes. Simply useful.

And many many many more …..

To find Google gadgets, go to:

Adding Gadgets to your website is easy – once you find a Gadget you like, simply click on “Add to your webpage”. Then copy the code that is provided into your website’s HTML code and you’re done.

Now go and have some fun with Google Gadgets!!!

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