How to Create a Promotional Website

How to create a promotional website with compelling content that gets the visitor to do exactly what you want is a question that most webmasters are faced with at some stage. You have a website for a particular reason, usually business, and you want it to count. Here are some tips that may help you get what you want.

Before You Create Your Promotional Website – Describe Your Target Market

In order to be effective you need to know who you are trying to reach and why. Take some time to describe your target market. Think about what their needs and desires are. Write down what they look like, how old they are, what lifestyles they lead, and what are their most pressing concerns or desires. Having a good understanding of your target market is the first step in creating compelling content for your website.

Create Your Personal Snatch File

One of the tools used by professional copywriters that can greatly assist you in creating your promotional website is a snatch file. A snatch file is really a file filled with examples of other websites or sales pages that you feel would be good at reaching your target market.

You should look up websites that you feel are effective at selling to people in your target market and then print out their sales pages. Put these together in a file until you are ready to use them.

Create Compelling Copy for Your Promotional Website

Once you have defined your target market and collected a snatch file it is time to put this to use in creating copy that will compel your visitor to take the action you want them to take.

Take a look at all the samples you have collected in your snatch file and write down what you feel grabs your attention in these pages. Look for words they have used to get people to take action. Basically, study them and write notes that you will find helpful when creating your copy.

Then create your own sales page or promotional website including the features and benefits of your product as well as a strong call to action. Your call to action should tell your visitor exactly what you want them to do, unless they know they probably won’t do what you want. Your features and benefits should be worded in such a way that appeals to your readers’ emotions and desires.

Test and Track Continuously

Once you have created your promotional website you should constantly be looking for ways to improve the results you are getting from it. The internet has actually made it really easy to do this with the great range of testing and tracking software that is available to see where your visitors come from, where sales come from, etc.

You may choose to use paid programs that offer more features such as split testing features, or you can use simple tracking software such as the Google Analytics program for free. Whatever you choose to do, testing and tracking is essential for your success online.

Use Your Testing and Tracking Results to Improve Your Promotional Website

The importance of testing and tracking programs is to gradually improve the results you get from your promotional website. By understanding where your visitors come from and where sales come from you will be able to focus your attention on those marketing methods that really work.

You should also split test web pages and actual advertising copy. Make a small change to your promotional website and put up two copies with one small difference and then test both pages to see which works better and then keep the copy that works well and make another small change, gradually improving your results. Do the same thing with your ad copies until you find the best ad copy.

Creating a promotional website begins with research – defining your target market and finding other samples of promotional websites and sales letters that appeal to them. Then create your own and constantly tweak it using testing and tracking results until you find what works best for you and gets the results you are looking for.

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