How to Use Joint Venture Giveaway Websites

Joint venture giveaway websites are a popular way for internet marketers to make money online today. They combine forces with other webmasters in promoting one site, give away their product and reap results sometimes long afterwards.

How do Joint Venture Giveaway Websites Work?

Joint venture giveaway websites are designed so that a number of people can each contribute a gift that they will give to anyone who joins the giveaway website. In exchange for doing this they build a list of subscribers who they can then legally email to promote other products they are selling. Each person who contributes to these giveaways is also meant to promote it so leading more people to the giveaway website which results in more people downloading your product and giving you their email address.

Create a High Quality Product to Give Away

The first rule of a joint venture giveaway website is to create a high quality product that you can give to others. This should normally be something that they would have to pay for so that they feel like they are receiving good value and are more inclined to purchase from you in future.

Make It Viral

Another good way to increase the benefit you receive from joint venture giveaway websites is to make it viral – inside the cover of your product include a statement that people are free to give or sell your product to others and then also include some other advertising in it.

What happens with this is that people who receive your gift through the giveaway website then pass it onto others who see your advertising in the product, visit your website and so your message continues to spread even after the giveaway has closed its doors.

Join As Many Events as Possible

Joint ventures have a limited time span but there are plenty of new ones opening all the time and so you want to join as many as you can. Fortunately not too much work is involved with these once your product is created – it is simply a matter of joining, adding your product and then promoting.

You Need to Promote

Some JV giveaway events actually have coded into them a way of seeing who is promoting and who is not and of removing those who are not promoting so if you are going to use JV giveaway events you need to promote them as much as possible. You need to ensure that you are sending people to the website in order to get value out of them.

Upgrade If You Can

If you are in a financial position to do so then you really should upgrade your account at these giveaway events. Not only does upgrading give you additional benefits but it also generally increases the chances of your product being seen regardless of how much you are promoting.

Joint venture giveaway websites bring together a number of internet marketers who all work together to drive traffic to one website in order for their products to be seen and to build their email list which they can continue to promote to. Join as many joint venture giveaway websites as you can, give them a high quality gift and then promote them and upgrade if you can.


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