Search Promotion

Search promotion, including search engine optimization and pay per click marketing is one of the most effective ways of drawing large amounts of targeted traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization – Where Search Promotion Starts

The first thing you should consider in using search promotion is search engine optimization. This is where search promotion starts because you should implement it as you are designing your web pages and writing their content – before your website even goes live.

The first step towards proper search engine optimization is to choose the right keywords for your website and, if possible, include these in your domain and file names.

You will also want to include keywords throughout your content at various specific places to ensure best results.

Link building is another important element of search engine optimization which means that in addition to search promotion you should also use a number of other internet marketing methods to get links to your website and so improve its optimization.

Pay per Click Marketing – Google Adwords

Another way you can do search promotion is using the pay per click marketing programs offered by a number of major search engines such as the Google Adwords program.

These programs are easier to get results from but you will pay for these results. Where you rank will be determined both by the amount you are prepared to pay and how you structure your budget as well as the relevancy of your website to the keywords you have selected to target.

In order to use pay per click search promotion effectively you therefore need to begin with keywords as you did for search engine optimization. Create a landing page that is correctly keyword optimized and then work on your actual pay per click ads.

When writing your pay per click ads you should include your primary keyword in the subject to reassure people that your website really is about the keyword they have searched for. Then create a compelling but short ad to get the right people to click through.

Look at one major feature and benefit of your product but also give some hint of who you are, or are not, looking for in your ad. You may for example only cover a certain geographical area and this should be stated in your ad, or you may mention something else that could stop people buying your product from clicking on your ad to ensure that, as far as possible, only people who are truly interested in your products or services actually click on your ad so putting your advertising budget to best use.

Web Directories – Another Search Promotion Technique

Apart from search engine optimization and pay per click marketing, another way you can use search promotion is by including your website in the directory links provided by most search engines.

Directory listings are usually free and categorized so that you can place your website in the category that best describes your site. This can help to improve your search engine optimization through link building as well as getting you more valuable traffic from the search engines.

Search promotion covers a number of different techniques with the most popular being search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. You should also use web directories to get more valuable traffic from the search engines and to improve your link building for search engine optimization.

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