Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

Many women seem to follow the same path:

Back to Work

We work the job that suits the busy life with kids, the secure job, the job that “pays the bills”.  I followed that path too then one day decided to stop working “hard for the man” and work “smarter for myself!”

Going into business for myself was scary, exciting, challenging, rewarding, tiring, emotional and much much more…..some days I have certainly wanted to throw in the towel but it is my baby, my business and I have worked too bloody hard to do just that.

If you are looking at going into business for yourself I say GO FOR IT – but make sure you do you research first – a few MUST DO’s

1. Know your product/service

What do you offer/why are you better than the rest?  You need to know your competitors – who is around just like you/who are the leaders in your industry/why are they the leaders?  You also need to seek out and know your allies – what business compliments yours and may even lead referrals/business your way?  In simple words know your “Avatar” – who is your IDEAL client/customer.  Once you know that then work out how to get them banging on your door.  Remember nobody will ever be able to speak as passionately about your business than you so use that.

2.  What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?? 

Do your SWOT Analysis.  Also can you make do on less money – yes believe it or not most businesses make a loss for the first year or two, and even when making a profit you can find yourself with a low bank balance – can you live without the security of a set weekly pay packet?  Get a support base – friends, family – they will be needed on the days you feel the chips are down, they will be your rock and keep you on your path.   Outsource!!  I do this through having an au pair, a house cleaner, a gardener – I would rather spend my free time with my kids than doing chores.  I also don’t like cleaning so would rather someone do it and do it in half the time I would take.  That is where my motto for my business came from – you go into business to do what you love, so why not outsource what you don’t.

3.  The #1 things business owners hate –doing their  accounts – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!  

So therefore  “Do What You Do Best And Let BookIT Do The Rest” was born.  I know and love what I do, I employ only other people who share a passion for numbers and are excited about coming on the business journey with me.   Know your worth – this is quite possibly the hardest of all the steps and to be honest after 6yrs of business I am still managing to master this one – believe in yourself, your business, what you do and what VALUE you bring to the table – and be proud of it!

I wish the very best of luck to each and every one of your brave women who decide to venture into self employment land – the flexibility of being your own boss, the sense of achievement and the rewards are without a doubt better than any employee job I’ve ever had!!!

Remember – every journey begins with one small step!!!!!


Author: Karen Kennedy, Registered BAS Agent  – BookIT