Social Media Marketing

Social Media for Marketing

As a Small Business owner, it’s a wise decision to leverage the power of Social Media for Marketing to increase Brand Awareness and Build Customer Loyalty.

After years of being a Social Media Marketer, I want to share with you the 4 foundational keys to your long-term success online.

100% Commitment

It all starts with a commitment. When you truly make the decision to use Social Media for Marketing your Small Business, make sure you are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to be successful. This means that when you create a Social Media Account, you don’t just post for a week or 2 and then move on to the next one because you don’t see instant results or you lose focus.

Tip: The worst thing you can do for your Brand Awareness is to create multiple accounts and leave them dormant for months on end. This doesn’t give a good first impression nor does it build trust with your target audience.


It’s imperative that you understand who your ideal customer is and which Social Media Platform is best to communicate with them on. I recommend creating a mock profile on paper to understand their interests, habits, age, occupation etc. This will really help you when researching the Social Media Platform you will learn to master first. An example would be that you’re a Wedding Photographer. Ideally you would showcase your photos and any local joint ventures with Wedding Venues, Cake Decorators and Travel Agents etc on Pinterest because mainly Females aged 18-40 with a yearly income of $50k – $75k use this platform.

Tip: Research the demographics of social media users in order to understand which ones are more profitable for your business.

Posting Strategy

We all have 24 hours in a day and since time is so precious, we need to manage our time wisely. Having a Social Media Strategy is critical for time management. Let’s say you have a Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Account, Pinterest Account and YouTube Channel. Each platform has to have its own strategy for posting, uploading and pinning each day. Here’s a great example to get you started and your creative juices running:

  1. Monday – Something light hearted (Start of the week)
  2. Tuesday – Hint or Tip
  3. Wednesday – Something funny (It’s hump day)
  4. Thursday – Quote
  5. Friday – Promote Your Business
  6. Saturday – Something weekend related (A video)
  7. Sunday – Something relaxing or motivational

Ideally you’re posting to each platform daily but as this is not always easy to do, I recommend posting at least 3 times a week to each Social Media Platform.

Tip: The key to success is Interaction! Research your competitors and look at the posts on each platform that get the most interaction. Then replicate the process for your Small Business. Why re-invent the wheel when you can learn from your competitors? J

Connection Strategy

Just like the posting strategy you need to have a connection strategy. Look at LinkedIn as an example. Once your profile is set-up correctly and you have a number of connections, you need to draw attention to your profile without being sales orientated. The best way to achieve this is to start with the “15 ways to keep in touch” on the right side of your LinkedIn Home Page, looking at a computer not mobile device. You can “like” or “message”. Take 10 minutes of your time each morning to both like and comment on your connections’ new job, anniversaries etc.  Write a generic comment that is personal and better than the one that LinkedIn provides.

Tip: Google Unicode symbols and copy/paste a smiley face or sun into your comment. It makes a world of difference to that connections’ perception of you and since you are doing something out of the “norm” they will usually look at your profile. So expect more profile views.

Now you know the basic formula to using Social Media for Marketing … Commitment + Research + Strategy = Success! J

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Felicia Newbury is a Passionate Mobile App Developer, Marketing and Branding Expert, whose mission in life is to Empower Business Owners such as yourself, with the tools and knowledge to succeed both online and offline.