The 3 Questions Mumpreneurs Must Ask Themselves

The 3 Questions Mumpreneurs Must Ask Themselves

We all know that there are some extraordinary women in this world. Women who not only raise a family and juggle the household, but create, kickstart and grow a successful business. What else do we know? Well there is a new word in the English language to describe such a person and that is “Mumpreneur”.

The Oxford dictionary explains it as “a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children”. To me that sounds so beige. Too compartmentalized. Being a mumpreneur is a serious commitment, where life and business simultaneously flow together. I believe mums can have a financially successful business that is also personally fulfilling while nurturing a family as well. They just need to know the steps and have the courage to do it.

If you are about to jump into this world or already have jumped, there are 3 important questions you need to ask yourself in order to create your success:

One: For what purpose do I want to start & develop my own business?

Please don’t just say, for the money. Yes making money is a factor. That is what businesses do… businesses that survive. But it must be more than for the money. Your time as a mum is extremely valuable. There are millions of things you could be doing, and precious time you could be spending with your family. So what is your big reason for investing your time and money into your business? Some might say for the freedom and flexibility, for others it might have been the long term plan. What is your reason?

Two: How much time per week do I have available to spend working in and on my business?

For a business to be successful, it needs to be treated like a business not like a hobby. Sit down with your weekly schedule and think about what your “office hours” will be; the physical time you have to focus. Many of us mums have babies and kids running around the background while working. You see it in the standard work-from-home-mum photos. And yes we are good at multitasking, however you need to have space away from the family to concentrate and deliver your best to your customers and clients. Begin to schedule that into your week and better yet don’t just schedule, show up. If you had a paid job with an employer you would not be late, you would show up ready to work. Make the same commitment to your business.

Three: What three qualities do I need to make myself into a great business owner?

As a bonus, name the three areas you need to grow in to make you a great business owner. Self-reflection is a key ingredient to a high quality person; someone who can identify their gifts and allow them to shine brightly by utilising these gifts and who also can see in what areas they need to develop skills, attitudes and abilities.  For example, many mums I have spoken with say they are great with people and can develop relationships well, but they hate “selling”. Sorry to say, but any business you are in involves “selling” to some degree. You must become great at selling and showing prospective customers why they should buy from you. Make it your mission then to become really good at sales, this is one quality which will definitely be an asset. Learn from the best and develop your skills.

I am going to give you a little extra question. Just because I like to give you more than you were expecting. The first question that I wish I’d asked myself from the very beginning of my business journey is, “How can I surround myself and learn from others who are already creating what I want?” Being a mumpreneur can be a lonely role. Usually a mumpreneur starts off her business alone and is responsible for all aspects of the job. Unlike working for an organisation, you don’t usually have anyone to ask questions of or get advice from someone to keep you motivated and continually developing or moving forward. Therefore, you have to set that up for yourself and make it happen. It has been proven that surrounding yourself with successful people increases your likelihood of success. It’s like keeping up with the Jones’. Having someone to keep you on track and focused on your outcomes helps you to achieve your goals even quicker.

Here’s to your success!


Alison Valenti is the Start-Up Business Expert for Mums.  Alison is a Sydney mother of 3 kids and the Founder and Owner of Mums Business Kickstart. Mums Business Kickstart is about empowering mums to create a successful business on their terms. Join our Facebook Group for free tips and strategies to kickstart your business.