Stress Free Business

The Number 1 Secret to Stress Free Business – Part 1

by David Candy

I thought that this might catch your attention. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to be stress free not just in business but in life in general? In this series I’m going to walk you through exactly how I have not only helped my clients to achieve a stress free life in business but also how I became free of an issue that plagued me for decades throughout each area of my personal and business life.

Identifying the REAL cause of Stress

So the very first thing I do with people suffering from stress is to sit them down and help them identify the number one cause of their stress. And do you know what I hear time and time again? It’s the responsibility I feel, it’s the workload I have, it’s the staff that work for me, it’s home and balancing the work/ home relationship, it’s finances – the list goes on. Sound familiar?

So once we’ve allowed all of that to be expressed, I simply go through each example they have given me and just asked one simple question – just one.

“Tell me what the common denominator is here?”

And it may take just a few moments or it may take longer. And I watch as they wrestle with this very simple question as if it were so simple that there must be something else they need to “figure out”, something I have hidden somewhere within that question. Eventually we get there though and do you know what the answer is everytime? Them. And not long after that realisation I see the penny drop.

Stress is an Inside Job

You see, the only cause of our stress can ever be us because only we can control how we feel, how we react, how we deal with any given person or situation throughout our lives and when we realise this gift, we can quickly begin what I have personally experienced and now refer to as an empowered journey to stress free living.

How we have worked with stress in the past is that no matter where you look, there is an incredible amount of information out there that treats stress as something with myriad of external causes that requires an even larger amount of tools and techniques to simply “manage the effects of stress”. But why manage stress when you can eliminate it?

The reason the idea of living a stress free existenece within business has never been even hinted at before is because it doesn’t fit into the model we have created around it – we’ve completely misidentified the cause and therefore have left ourselves managinging the effects.

Now you may be reading this completely gob smacked, perhaps even offended by this insinuation that you are the cause of your stress however let me just point out the key to all of this. By understanding and accepting your fundamental role in the stress you feel in your life, you are suddenly catapulted back into the drivers seat. When we realise and take responsibility for our own stress, we unlock the door to a way of being in business, and in life that allows us to experience achievements we had once thought were never possible. So for now I’m going to leave this with you.

Next Time

In Part 2 of this series I will share with you the deeper secrets of how stress is caused within us and give you some incredible techniques that will help you begin your own journey to a stress free business life.


David Candy is a mentor, workshop presenter and personal development expert. His passion for his work has come through a personal journey of deep self discovery and empowerment that has seen him overcome many challenges in his life and allowed him to develop his own unique style. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, he works with people from all over the world now helping them to maximise their life’s potential through his mentoring program. His work has also been published in journals and online media throughout Australia and New Zealand.  For more information, visit