Top 5 Tips to Juggle Parenthood and Business

Back in Nov 2013 when I had just finished 2 years of dedicated research and effort developing Smart Cleanse and was ready to launch it onto the market, I found out that I had a new project on the horizon. A baby! Something I have of course always wanted, but in my later 30’s I resided to the fact that I was now a career woman or Entrepreneur.

Becoming a Mumpreneur at this stage of the game was not something I predicted at all. Even though it was definitely tricky timing career wise with the huge commitment I had made with Smart Cleanse, without a doubt my little 8 month old Leo is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I absolutely love being a parent and I love the love and joy this little man brings. As other parents had always told me and I agree; It’s that bond and that love you have for your child that you just can’t put into words.

But Smart Cleanse is one of my passions and priorities too because I will get to touch millions of lives eventually, and that success to me means more opportunities, and freedom for my son and my family.

So here are the top 5 rules I live by that helps me to successfully combine parenthood with running a business and being a Mumpreneur.

Time Management

With so little hours in the day it seems, fulfilling so many different roles in our day to day lives, time can be hard to find and then manage for that matter. But it’s not impossible to combine parenthood and business. It’s just an extra priority that you have to add to your list, Leo being at the top of mine of course.

So what I do every morning and every night is create my daily checklist, from most important and urgent task to less critical, and then I tick each item off as I complete it. Honestly, that side of it is a piece of cake. Anyone can set daily goals and achieve them. I guess it’s more a question of discipline, staying on top of it and committing to everything that needs doing in a particular time frame. I find giving myself and other people specific “deadlines” works best. Very bossy (laughs).


And that’s where passion comes in or lately it has been feeling more like hunger. I am very hungry with my vision for Smart Cleanse to be a leading detox program and to help as many people as I can, and I will do whatever it takes at the end of the day to make this a reality.

Passion also overflows for my son, and in the hardest stages when he woke every 3 – 4 hours, my love and passion for him, made it easy. If I didn’t have passion for my business the next morning, with lack of sleep and those dark circles starting to show, then I wouldn’t have been able to work with all that energy that I somehow found considering the sleepless night before. Looking back I wouldn’t change a single thing. That old saying, the busier you are, the more effective you are, somehow is true.

 Take care of your health first

One of my philosophies is that no matter what your circumstances are on the outside, it is always easier to deal with adversity and challenges when you are feeling your best from the inside, rather than feeling worse, as a result of not making your health a priority. Stress and toxins cause 95% of all illness so if you control what goes into your mouth, and what you do with your lifestyle, then even with little sleep you have the energy and strength to juggle both well.

Giving yourself a regular break 3 – 4 times a year on a detox and moderating any habits that you may be depending on to get you through is the secret formula for staying on top of your business, being the best parent you can be, and enhancing success in every area of your life.

Other little tips for health is to replace alcohol with meditation to unwind and exercise to replace caffeine dependence at least 80 percent of the time is something to work towards.

Day Care and Support Network

Little Leo started day care this month and although we thought he might be too young, he absolutely loves it. Not only that but he gets to interact with other babies and toddlers and its just brilliant for their learning and development. It also allows me now to schedule in a solid days work on a Monday and Tuesday and then that makes my time with Leo such quality because Mummy isn’t typing at her computer.

I am also very lucky that I have a wonderful family who are very supportive and provide day care facilities weekly. I am now missing him by Wednesday but it really has been wonderful for baby and business.


I love this discipline and have been doing this for years. When and if you need to unwind there is just no healthier way than to meditate. Here is a technique from my soon to be released book on Detox and Epigenetics, The Detox Code: How to Unlock Your Hidden Health and Vitality in 14 Days, to get you into a state of meditation. It will also enhance your happy neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin. All these meditation effects definitely make juggling parenthood and business much easier for you. That is if you can find the time!

A simple meditation technique

• Choose a quiet place where no one will disturb you.

• Wearing loose comfortable clothing sit on the floor or in a chair.

• Rest your hands on your knees or in your lap in front of you one hand over the other with thumbs connecting.

• Focus on your breathing, breathing into your abdomen using your diaphragm for seconds and breathing out for 11 seconds 3 – 5 times (through your nose).

• Then breathe naturally for the remainder of the session (still into your abdomen).

• Mentally repeat a “mantra” or a word of choice that resonates deeply with you.

* Your goal is to turn your attention inward, away from the outside world of thought and time, towards the domain of stillness.

• Let thoughts come and go; just observe them and then let them go.

• Continuously coax your awareness to the inhaling and exhaling of your breath. If you find yourself distracted by thoughts, gently bring your attention back to the sensation of your breath. With each breath, allow yourself to be in the present moment; it’s really all that exists. Here you will experience deeper levels of your mind and being as your brain drops from the alert frequency of Gamma or Beta, down to the frequency of Alpha.


Savannah Daisley is the Founder of Smart Cleanse, author and leading Sydney-based Naturopath, with a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of New England. With an extensive background in the wellness industry for over 20 years, Savannah has helped thousands of people detoxify their bodies, lose weight, eliminate stress, and reverse the ageing process through the benefits of detoxification and is passionate about doing so.