Your 4 Rules For Winning at Brand Social Media

If you want to be leader in your industry, there is no better way to become one than using social media. There are many ways to embark in the internet world, but using its full power needs more than frequent tweeting and sharing adorable puppy photos. Conquering the social media as a brand takes dedication and puts the creative thinking to its limits.

Want to ride on the tip of the waves of the media trends and put your company in the spotlight? Come on and join the ride to creating the best SM brand start-up for your business.

Save The Date

In the social world, timing is everything. Tweet a bit too late how that local event rocked your town and you won’t make any difference. It would still be something your followers may like, but they would definitely pass it if it is the 10th one on that topic they have read today. If you are going to rule Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram, you need to act fast. If you don’t provide accurate information about your industry in the right time, you might lose a large number of potential fans.

Check The Time

Found an awesome gif of Jennifer Lawrence being oh…Well just Jennifer Lawrence and you can’t wait to share it all over your social profiles. Great, but did you check the time? 12 AM may seem to you like the perfect time to update your twitter or scroll through your endless feed of Facebook, yet many if not all of your followers will be most certainly buried too deep in work or school to be able to turn their attention to your amazing findings. Good part is, you can always reschedule your post for later and apps like Buffer and Twittimer can help you do just that. Don’t let your fantastic promotion or team Instagram photo stay unseen. Go for more convenient posting times and schedule your social media updates to get the most out of your campaign.

Set The Rules

We all like puppies, but insta-post your company pug a little too much and people might get really bored. The best way to allocate your ideas in your schedule is to set the right boundaries. You can start with creating topical hashtags for particular days. #FollowFriday and ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday are a small part of the many examples which can be given on that topic.

Be Creative

Being up-to-date with the newest social trends and using your creativity to create ones can be your biggest ally in the battle for popularity. Even if you are in the removals business in Melbourne, Sydney or another big city and you need to strictly keep up with specific topic, you can spruce up your social shares with creative ideas, helpful posts and fun moments. It’s up to you to decide what will work best for your target audience, yet, you should never forget staying positive on the internet is a number one way to success.