Internet Marketing – How to make the most of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to the new methods of internet marketing or interacting online and includes a wide variety of different tools such as social networking, social bookmarking, social content, video and even blogging. All these tools can be very useful and extremely powerful when it comes to promoting your website.

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 basically refers to any website where people can interact with the website rather than just passively reading what the webmaster has put there.

Web 2.0 really started with blogs and forums in the past but this has increased dramatically in the past few years to include social networking, social bookmarking and even social content sharing and video where users can register with a website and interact with one another (networking), share content, or bookmark their favourite sites for others to see.

Web 2.0 Marketing

Web 2.0 has attracted a huge amount of attention not only from internet marketers but from anyone who spends a fair amount of time on the internet from young teenagers to senior citizens.

In addition to its popularity and website traffic direct from the social sites themselves, social sites have also become popular with search engines which means that they are likely to get better search engine results and so push your pages up the search engines if you are using them in your marketing campaigns.

How to Use Web 2.0 in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Explaining how to use Web 2.0 in your internet marketing strategy is quite difficult in a short space due to the many different tools available but in a nutshell what you want to do is register with a number of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Hub Pages, Squidoo, Digg, and Stumbleupon.

Create profiles on these sites and then things start differing from tool to tool.

Start networking on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN and also put up content on Hub Pages, Squidoo and YouTube and then bookmark these using Digg and Stumbleupon.

On all these websites you will also want to make as many friends or followers as you can to get the most from the social element of these sites.

Make Your Website More Web 2.0 Compliant and Interactive

Another way you can benefit from Web 2.0 in your internet marketing is to use these principles on your website. The more interactive your website is, and the more it is integrated with other social sites, the more likely visitors are to stay and enjoy your website. The longer they stay, the more likely they will be to purchase your products or services.

Web 2.0 is a broad term covering a new way of interacting with the internet and has become very popular with internet marketers in terms of attracting their target market and improving search engine optimization results. How you use these tools will differ from site to site but a good strategy would include putting up content and bookmarking it, as well as interacting socially on all these sites.


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