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Project Management

Great tools for managing projects and everyday tasks,

Keyword Research


People use different words when they search for your products online. Use these ‘keywords’ in your website copy and people will find your site when they search. No matter what business you are in, Wordtracker will tell you the words people use when they search – and how popular each word is.

With a Wordtracker subscription, you will be able to optimize your website content by using the most popular keywords for your product and services, generate thousands of relevant keywords to improve your organic and PPC search campaigns, research online markets, find niche opportunities and exploit them before your competitors. In short, your search engine ranking will soar, you’ll get more visits to your website and more people will buy your products.

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Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner

Uber Suggest

Ubersuggest shows you how to win the SEO game by reverse engineering your competitors’ SEO content marketing and social media marketing strategy.


Social Media Sharing Tools

Content for your Blog


Don’t have time to write articles and posts for your blog?  No problem.  Get someone else do it for you … for free!

Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator


LSI Graph

Latent Semantic Indexing – LSI Keywords that relate to keyword

Market Intelligence

Find out what your competitors are doing

Internal Linking

Build Google friendly clusters of information through internal linking


Password Manager

Keep all your passwords and login details securely in one place.  You only have to remember one password.,

Internet Archive

Want to know how your website looked a few years ago?

Waybackmachine –

Colour Palette

Trying to decide what colours to use for your business, this tool will help

Duplicate Content Detection

Check if anyone has copied your content and/or articles,

Test and Grade Website

See how your website looks on different devices,

User Website / Product Testing

Test your website with real users

Search Engine Optimisation

Tools for optimising your website

File Sharing

Want to share large files, images, videos with colleagues?,

Graphic / Image Editor


Easily create beautiful designs + documents. Use Canvas drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics including presentations, social media images, eBook covers, banners, comic strips, certificates, letterheads, newsletters, event programs, ID cards, invitation cards, mood boards, scrapbooks, storyboards, brochures, business cards, flyers, calendars and so much more.

Features millions of images, free icons and shapes, hundreds of fonts and many photo filters.

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Remove Background

Resize Image

Infographic Creator

Create awesome infographics for your business,

Team Communication

No more lost emails

Payment Gateway


Paypal allows you to sell online easily – accept payments from Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Bank Accounts. Increase sales – accept PayPal along with credit cards. Get eBay tools to make auctions easy.

Paypal also allows you to pay online – you can send money online from 103 countries and regions, buy items on eBay and at millions of sites that accept PayPal, shop without sharing your financial information.

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Appointment & Workshop Booking

vCita All In One Small Business Management App

Client management
Build long-lasting customer relationships with a CRM solution designed exclusively for small businesses

Online calendar management
Manage your business schedule, appointments and events, all in-sync with your existing calendar

Billing and invoicing
Issue estimates, invoices and receipts, track payment status, send automated payment reminders, collect credit card payments & create coupons

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Facebook Ads ROI Calculator

Figure out how profitable your Facebook™ Ads will be.

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Convert YouTube Videos into Text – Transcription

Quickly turn YouTube’s automatic captions into clean transcripts.

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Headline Analyser / Generator

The Headline Analyzer that will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

Promotional Video Creator

Images / Photos


Affordable monthly plans for images, video footage and music

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Source images, audio tracks, graphics and photos.

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Digital Product Publishing


If you have a digital product or service to sell, consider the benefits of becoming a ClickBank publisher. ClickBank sells thousands of the web’s most popular products every day. Becoming a publisher allows you to list your products for sale in our high-traffic marketplace and take advantage of our extensive affiliate network.

ClickBank offers customers a safe, efficient shopping experience. Our simple checkout offers customers a wide variety of payment options — a welcome convenience that increases sales. Our friendly customer service guarantees satisfaction even after the sale.

ClickBank has over 100,000 affiliates who are ready to promote digital products. Sign up today as a ClickBank publisher and harness the power of this incredible marketing resource.

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Affiliate Marketing


Easily build your own Affiliate Marketing program and drive buying customers to your website, boosting your sales, leads and website traffic by promoting and using your own large ‘pay for performance’ Affiliate Marketing sales team. This sales team will widely promote your websites products and services. Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate networks are very effective website promotion strategies.

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Email Automation


The world’s smartest autoresponder has become even smarter! Easily automate your tedious marketing efforts, chop hours of needless work and dramatically crank up your sales when you “Unleash The Moneymaking Powerhouse Hidden Deep Within Your Website or Opt-in Mailing List, and Automate All Your Tedious Email Marketing Tasks in Lightning Speed!”

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Create your own online store.  You don’t need to have any technical or design experience to easily create a beautiful online store.  Simply choose a stylish design, customise your online store, add products and you are ready to accept payments.

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What the Font?

Seen a font in use and want to know what it is?  Submit an image to WhatTheFont to find the closest matches in our database.

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Reverse Image Search

Tin Eye

Search by image and find where that image appears online

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Photo Feedback

eBook Cover Creator

Create mock-ups and ebook covers suitable for digital products on your site.

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Google Tools

Google Calendar

Google Alerts

Google Documents

Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture

Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!

The simplest way to take a full page screenshot of your current browser window. Click on the extension icon (or press Alt+Shift+P), watch the extension capture each part of the page, and be transported to a new tab of your screenshot where you can download it as an image or PDF or even just drag it to your desktop.

Download from Google Web Store

Awesome Screenshot

Screencast, record screen as video. Screen capture for full page, annotate, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.

Capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads. Now with free desktop capture!

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Text to Speech Reader

Power through docs, articles, PDFs, email — anything you read — by listening with text-to-speech reader.

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