How to Upgrade Your Wordpress Website

It is critical that your website gets updated regularly to ensure it stays safe and functions at its optimum.

Please follow the steps below to ensure you upgrade your website correctly.

1. Backup your website

It is critical that you backup your website before starting any upgrades.  Here are instructions for backing up your Wordpress website using CPANEL.

2. Upgrade Wordpress Core Files

For instructions on how to upgrade Wordpress files, click here.

3. Update Plugins

Before you update any plugins make sure you read any warning messages about plugin compatibility – if the plugins haven’t been tested with the latest version of Wordpress, these can break your website.

For any plugins that have been installed by third party service providers, such as search engine optimisation companies, you may need to contact them to obtain the latest files, especially if the plugin requires an annual license.

Here are instructions on how to update Wordpress Plugins.

4. Update Theme

Whenever you do upgrades to your Wordpress, always also please upgrade the theme.

If your website has been built using the Enfold theme, please contact me for the latest version of the theme files.  Your theme will need to be upgraded via ftp, as the theme zip file is quite large and generally can’t be uploaded via Wordpress.  Here are the instructions on how to update it via ftp.

  • Extract the theme files from and save to your computer
  • Log into your FTP account using an FTP program like FileZilla. (your ftp login details are generally the same as your CPANEL login details)
  • Locate the WordPress installation folder and browse to wp-content/themes.
  • Rename “enfold” folder that is currently there to enfoldOLD
  • Do not touch the enfold-child theme (if it is there)
  • Upload “enfold” folder to wp-content/themes/
  • Check your website to ensure everything is working ok. If it is, you can delete “enfoldOLD”.

5. Test Your Website

Once everything has been upgraded, make sure you go through your website and check that your pages are displaying correctly.  It is also a good idea to test any forms on your website.