Enfold Theme Video Tutorial

Video by Ferdy Korpershoek

Please see timestamps below the video to find instructions on how to update certain elements of your website.

Example website: https://enfold2021.com –   Webhosting: https://webhosting125.com

Overview with timestamps:

Overview With Timestamps:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:09 Overview Of What We Will Cover
00:05:35 What Are A Domain name and Webhosting
00:06:35 Get A Domain name and Webhosting

00:15:10 How To Install Wordpress
00:16:24 Make Our Website Secure
00:17:26 The Frontend and Backend Of Wordpress
00:18:37 Clean Up The Website
00:20:02 Configure Your Username
00:21:52 Give Your Website A Title

00:23:38 Introduction to Themes
00:24:34 Get The Enfold Theme
00:29:09 Install The Enfold Theme
00:30:10 Install WooCommerce
00:30:43 Install A Pre Made Website
00:33:21 Download The Same Images I Use

Configure The Enfold Theme Settings
00:33:46 The Theme Options
00:39:16 The General Layout
00:42:01 The General Styling
00:51:00 Advanced Styling
00:53:18 Using Custom CSS
00:55:06 The Main Menu
00:58:40 The Header
01:02:58 Social Icons
01:07:20 Semi Transparent Header
01:09:48 The Sidebar
01:12:45 The Footer
01:16:36 Privacy Policy and Cookies
01:18:49 Create a New Page

The Advanced Layout Editor
01:19:47 Create A Slider
01:36:54 Create a Service Section
01:47:43 Create A Color Section
01:52:30 Make The Layout Editor Sticky
01:53:54 Create an About Us Color Section
01:57:50 Create a Testimonial
02:04:40 Use the Custom CSS again
02:06:13 Create a Social Share Area
02:08:25 Create a Floating (sub)menu with anchor links

The Contact Page
02:12:54 Configure a pre-made page in minutes

Create a Portfolio
02:15:31 Create a Portfolio Item
02:22:44 Create the Portfolio Page
02:24:40 Create a Video Portfolio Item
02:36:22 Add a Portfolio Element on the Homepage

The Blog page
02:42:02 Create a blogpost
02:54:59 Create an excerpt
02:55:49 Comments
02:59:15 Sidebar Widgets
03:06:38 Create a Sidebar for the WooCommerce Pages
03:03:00 Most Recent Posts Widget
03:04:27 The Facebook Likebox Widget
03:04:55 The Instagram Feed Widget
03:06:38 WooCommerce Sidebar Widgets
03:07:18 Create a New Sidebar
03:08:45 Add 4 Footer Widgets
03:12:58 Create a Custom Blog Page

The Shop Page
03:28:50 Configure the Shop page
03:30:55 Wrapping Up 03:33:38

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