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Customer Feedback

Website Audit Testimonial - Amanda Smythe

I knew my website wasn’t quite hitting the mark and was totally overwhelmed as to how to change it.  I engaged Ivana for a website audit and follow up consultation, and as a result I now have a thorough understanding of the changes that need to be made and why.

She offered fantastic insights into what was working and what wasn’t, and what I needed to do to ensure my website is more functional and is speaking to my target market. The consultation was the perfect follow on as I got to pick her brain for a good hour.

She clarified all her suggestions and even came up with some ideas that are specific to my market. I loved working with her and will do so again. I highly recommend Ivana and her services were essential to my business moving forward.

Website Review Testimonial - Esther De La Cruz

Thank you so much Ivana!!! I love the feedback. This Friday I am making a website improvement plan based on your feedback and I am planning to make it Will study your offers too. Thanks a million.

Website Review Testimonial - Grace Lever

I LOVE THIS WHOLE CONCEPT!!! Thanks so much for being so incredibly generous lovely Ivana … everyone, you need to get on this! This is gold!