How to Easily Build A Highly Successful Website

Every month thousands of people search for instructions on how to create a free website. I can’t say I blame them – money can be tight when you are starting your own business.

The sad reality is that majority of people don’t have the technical skills or marketing knowledge to make a website successful.
I have seen some pretty awful websites which were put together by wannabe entrepreneurs. What they didn’t realise is that in creating their website, they have put their business reputation on the line.

They may be brilliant plumbers or jewellery designers, but their website does not reflect that and sadly their businesses collapse in the first year of trading.

It is important to realise that putting up a one page website, which talks about how great you are is not going to get you customers. Creating a successful website takes a lot of time and effort, not only in the design phase, but also in marketing it.

There are 4 components that go into creating a profitable website.

1. Choosing the right Domain Name

It is important that you choose a domain name which includes keywords or keyphrases that people may be searching to find your business. This means a domain name that describes what your business does or the type of products it sells. It is not only vital for your visitors, but also for search engines. A domain name such as is preferable to

2. Visitor and search engine friendly website design

There are many parts that go into creating a great website. Some of these include:

– Easy to use navigation system
– Visually appealing
– Original and regularly updated content
– Search engine and social media friendly
– Focuses on customer’s needs
– Proves your business credibility
– Looks good on large monitors and mobile devices

3. Reliable webhosting

When you have designed your website, you will need to upload it to a hosting company, so the rest of the world can see it. Ensure that your hosting account offers:
– enough disk space, so your website can grow
– sufficient monthly data transfer allowance
– easy to use control panel
– exceptional tech support for when things go wrong

4. Marketing

This is a key area that you will have to invest time and money into if you want your business to succeed. Check out the following articles on:

Website Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media

If you are planning to create your own website, make sure you thoroughly research all these aspects before you get started.
Remember if your competitor’s website meets the customer’s and search engine’s needs better than yours, the competitor will win in the online world every time.

Rather than struggling with the website design process, you are better off to get a professional website designer so you can focus on doing what you do best.


by Ivana Katz
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