How to Unleash The Power of Video Marketing

Have you noticed how many websites today are using video? The truth is that video works! It will generally put a real person in front of you or something you can really relate to and it seems as if they are right there in the room with you explaining why you need to do something or buy something. How do you use video marketing?

Creating Your Video for Video Marketing

The first step in video marketing is obviously to create the video. This needs to be well thought out because a sloppy piece of work will never attract the clients you want but one that is well thought out and used effectively is likely to achieve a lot greater results.

Think about how you are going to make the video. If you have a webcam or digital video recorder then you can use those to create videos but if you don’t you can still turn an article into a video using a tool like Article Video Robot.

Using a webcam or digital video recorder may give you more flexibility but you may also be put off if you are unable to use these to create a professional looking video. Which method you choose is up to you.

Once you have chosen your tools then work on drafting what is going to be said. Will it be a training video or a sales video? A training video should provide real content that educates the reader and then have a clear link to your website displayed on the screen as well so that people know where to go and also tell them where to go when you finish. If it is a sales video then you can use more hard-hitting emotional appeals to provide a problem and solution to your potential customer.

Video Distribution

The best known tool for video distribution is still YouTube and it is an excellent place to upload as many of your videos as you can. Once your videos are there you can also easily embed them in other places from your own website to your social networks such as Facebook and MySpace or on social content sites such as Hub Pages and Squidoo.

Encourage your friends and family to go and view your videos on YouTube and to comment on them or like them and this will help to increase the chances of them being seen by others.

Video on Your Site

Video can also be used effectively on your website – either on your sales pages, your blog or on content pages to add additional information. This has also been shown to provide beneficial results in increasing sign ups to a website.

Sharing Videos in Your Article Marketing

Although more traditional article marketing websites do not provide for the addition of video content, a number of the more social websites such as Hub Pages and Squidoo do. When you upload articles to these sites be sure to add a relevant YouTube video you have created or one that promotes your website to give people more information regarding your products and services or to help educate them on the topic of your article.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular and using YouTube to distribute your videos is a great way to increase traffic to your website. In addition you should also add these videos to your website and article marketing and encourage your friends and family to view them.


by Ivana Katz
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