Need a Logo? Here Is What You Need To Know

Statistics show that in Australia over 148,000 people search Google each month wanting to find out “how to design a logo”. Presumably they are starting a new business and need a logo for their venture.

What is a logo?

A logo is a visual identity of your business. In many instances, a logo is the first thing that a potential client thinks of when they hear your business name. For example, if you think of brands such as Nike, St George Bank, Sony etc, what comes to your mind?

Why does your business need a logo?

A good logo design is important for a successful business, especially if you are in a competitive industry. And let’s face it who isn’t these days. You are not only competing with local businesses but often with overseas ones as well.

Some of the reasons your business needs a logo include:

1. Make a great first impression
2. Attract new customers
3. Stand out from your competition
4. Portray a professional image
5. Let your customers know what your business is about
6. Help customers to remember you

Can I design a logo myself?

Over the years, I have seen many new entrepreneurs trying to save money by creating their logos using software such as Word or Paint. And the results were quite awful.

Your logo needs to be individual, have a meaning and convey a feeling or a direct message. A cute clipart you found online is not going to do that – not to mention there are probably hundreds of others using the same free image.

So to answer the question whether you can design a logo yourself, the answer is yes, of course you can, providing you have the right tools and knowledge about what makes a good business logo. The truth is though that 95% of business owners do not have the skills to create a professional logo.

You may be great at plumbing, styling people’s hair or produce the most beautiful jewellery, but unless you portray a professional image, customers may never find out how good you are at your profession because they will be influenced how unprofessional your brand image is.

Examples of home made logos


Do I really need to get a graphic designer to create my logo?

YES, totally, absolutely, without a question.

Imagine you are going on a date with someone you really like, so naturally you want to look your best. Are you likely to give yourself a haircut in front of the mirror to save a few dollars or are you likely to pay a professional hairdresser to cut and style your hair?

Going out into the business world is similar. You want to attract the right customers and so you need to make sure your business image is the best it can be.

A professional graphic designer will ensure that your logo represents your business well and breaks through the clutter of logos that appear everywhere. They will make sure the logo

– looks good not only in colour, but also in black and white
– works well online and in print
– is able to be scaled without losing quality

And if you can’t afford a proper business logo right now, then it’s best you wait until you can.

Websites 4 Small Business offers custom yet affordable professional logo design.

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by Ivana Katz
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