Successful Joint Venture Marketing – Everything You Need To Know

Joint ventures are one of the most powerful internet marketing tools you can use. They really consist of a number of different methods, such as link swaps, giveaway events, or whole joint business ventures.

What is Joint Venture Marketing?

Joint venture marketing is where two or more website owners or online business owners combine forces in some way to get more traffic to their websites, more customers for their business and to make more money.

These joint ventures can be as simple as swapping links with another webmaster so that you display their link and they display yours to get more traffic; or they can be as complex as whole combined business ventures where you partner together on starting an online business.

Why Joint Ventures Work

Why should you use joint venture marketing? The answer is that because two heads are better than one and two people standing together are stronger than one person standing alone.

When you combine forces with another website owner you have double the resources available in terms of time and energy and perhaps even more than that when it comes to resources such as potential clients, email lists, etc.

Joint Venture Giveaways

One type of joint venture that is very popular online today is the concept of joint venture giveaways. Joint venture giveaways are where a number of website owners contribute a product that they will give away free to people who join the giveaway website. Then all these contributors promote the one website, sending as many people there as they can so that people see your product not only from your marketing but also from everyone else’s who is advertising the giveaway website. Joint venture giveaway websites are generally for a very limited period of time to encourage people to join, promote and get their products before the time runs out.

Email List Swaps

If you have been marketing online for any length of time one thing you are sure to have heard is that the money is in the list. The idea is that all web marketers should build their list of people they are able to email (people who have opted in to receive emails from them through a subscription form on their website) and who they then go about building relationship with.

Another legal way to do email marketing is through a joint venture. What this means is that another web marketer can send out an email to their list for you, if you do the same thing for them. In general you will either need to have a similar size list so you get equal value or the party with fewer subscribers will need to contribute something else to the joint venture to provide additional value to the other party.

Joint ventures are a powerful way of marketing because they allow you to work together on getting more customers to your website while the other person gets more traffic to theirs. It increases your marketing effectiveness and your available resources, no matter which joint venture method you decide on.


by Ivana Katz
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