Video Marketing – Why Is It Important And Tools You Need To Know

If pictures speak a thousand words, imagine what a video could say about your business.

Over the last couple of years video has become a popular marketing strategy, as it can quickly generate traffic and interest. Unfortunately many people are still afraid to use it and think it’s difficult to do. So now is the perfect time for you to get ahead of your competition.

One of the major advantages of videos to traditional written marketing is that it saves your visitors a lot of time understanding what is being offered and there isn’t much effort required on their part. Start the video and everything is explained to them right there and then. Hearing and seeing you tell them about your products or services has more credibility and allows you to connect to your visitors on an emotional level.

Another great advantage of video marketing is that if you use the right keywords in your video’s tags, you have a much better chance of reaching high rankings in many search engines.

According to “Video search engines – just like Google – index specifically all videos available online, independently from the source. On the other hand, video directories differentiate themselves from video search engines because they list videos according to specific categories (such as “entertainment”, “sport”, “fun”, etc.)

Some video search engines and video directories automatically detect and index the videos published online, while others also allow you to directly inform them of the existence of a video. There are also several video search engines that let you upload your videos, just like you can do on video sharing sites.

However, it is important to distinguish between video search engines and video sharing sites, since the might appear very similar at first glance. All video sharing site feature a search box on their homepage, but they allow users to search only within the video sharing site directory, and not elsewhere. On the other hand, video search engines collect material from multiple sources, included the above mentioned video sharing sites.

Several video search engines and video directories let users review, rate, recommend, categorize, and ” tag” the videos that they watch. These functions facilitate the cataloguing and organization of content so that users can easily discover new videos based on other users’ recommendations. “

Video Sharing Sites

Video Search Engines

Video directories.

Another great advantage of using videos is their ability to go “viral” and spread your message quickly.

David Ogden of says “A viral video is a video clip that becomes extremely popular and is spread across the Internet through users sharing it in email messages or through an IM service. A lot of these videos are funny and are often shot by amateurs who happen to catch something funny on their camera phones. There have been many viral videos that have caught fire in the cyber world.”

Video marketing is so popular due to its ability to engage directly with your audience and it adds a new dimension to other forms of online marketing. So don’t be afraid to try it … you have nothing to lose … except a lot of traffic to your website, if you don’t do it!


by Ivana Katz
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