Why You Must Include Powerful Calls to Action On Your Website

Call to Action also known as CTA is what tells your visitors what they should do once they arrive on your website.

These are particularly valuable if you are finding that your prospects are not taking the next step – whether it is buying or simply requesting more information.

Here are some simple examples of calls to action:

  • Buy Now
  • Add to Cart
  • Download a Report / White Paper
  • Download a Checklist / Infographic
  • Download a Guide / Ebook
  • Download a Cheat Sheet / Swipe File / Toolkit
  • Follow us On Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn
  • Sign up for a Webinar
  • Request a Quote
  • Get Started
  • Book an Appointment / Consult / Strategy Session
  • Enter a Competition
  • Complete a Quiz
  • Get a Discount Coupon
  • Sign up for Course
  • Subscribe to YouTube / Podcast
  • Check Out Demo
  • Register Your Interest
  • Get a Sample
  • Leave Review
  • Create Free Account
  • Let’s Chat
  • Start a Challenge
  • Free Trial
  • Grab a Template
  • Save Your Seat
  • Read More
  • Get Access
  • Donate
  • Continue
  • Discover
  • Learn More
  • Join
  • Get Yours
  • Get Inspired
  • Find Out
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Watch This Item
  • Notify Me
  • Go Premium
  • Search
  • Get Involved
  • Compare
  • Click to Share
  • Watch Video
  • Get Your Ticket
  • Preorder

For a comprehensive list, check out 44 Powerful Calls to Action Infographic

Call to Action

When it comes to creating high converting calls to action, consider the following:

Strive for clarity

Don’t assume people know what to do when they arrive on your website.

Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm

Powerful words elicit a strong response. “Buy Now and get 50% off” is likely to get you a much better conversion rate than just “Buy Now”

Let your audience know what’s in it for them

Will it help them do their job better, save time or save money. An example of this would be “Call Today for a Free Strategy Session”

Take advantage of their fear of missing out

Include something like “Buy Today! Sale Ends on Monday” or “Buy Now While Supplies Last”

Use numbers

Visitors respond well to seeing numbers such as pricing, discounts, promotions, incentives. An example would be “Book Today! Get 15% Off Your Next Visit”

Differentiate the call to action

Make your call to action stand out from the rest of the content by making it bigger, using a different colour or including an icon or an image.

Calls to action should be included on everything:

  • Every page of your website – even if it is just an information page or a blog post
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Direct mail
  • Email

Call to Action Example

Click here for an example of a page that features several calls to action.

If you need help coming up with great Calls to Action for your website, email me – ask@web4business.com.au or Book for a Free Website Strategy Session with me.


by Ivana Katz
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