Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of setting up a website?

The Truth is You Are Not Alone

Most first time entrepreneurs are overwhelmed, afraid and worried about getting their business online. They feel the process is just too complex and they don’t understand the language website designers and developers use.

They are worried if they get it wrong at the start, they won’t be able to use their website in the future.

Most women are intimidated by technology and believe they don’t have what it takes to figure it all out or they don’t know who to trust and where to turn to for help.


Are you concerned, anxious and afraid?

I can totally relate.  Some years ago I was in the same spot … starting a business as a single parent.  I had no spare time, no spare money and certainly not enough knowledge to embrace the fast moving online world of technology.  None of my friends had their own business and I didn’t know where to get help.

But I also had two HUGE fears:

  • Fear of regret that one day I would look back and regret not starting my own business.
  • Fear of missing out on seeing my young son grow up.

Sure, I could have put my then 2 year old son into daycare and returned into the corporate world.  I would have earned enough money to support us, BUT  ……..

I decided, I would give it all I had and started my own website design business.  And I had to learn fast … I read all I could find, attended seminars and courses and consumed way too much coffee and chocolate, but I was determined … I had to make it work.

So many sleepless nights …

So many sleepless nights, worrying whether I could pull it off.  I had doubts and I was terrified.  But that made me work even harder.  I pushed through all the challenges and after getting a taste of being my own boss, I knew I could never go and work for someone else.

The years went by and I learned many lessons … I laughed at my blonde moments while navigating the geek world and drove my family crazy with my “brilliant” marketing ideas.

Most importantly though running my own business gave me the freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted.  I organised appointments with clients around junior’s schedule, so I got to cheer at all his football games, I was there for the award days and I got to pick him up from school each day.  And on a few occasions, I took him out of school and we travelled …

Over the years I have learnt an awful lot about technology, running a small business and about myself.

I also learnt I couldn’t possibly know everything there is about running a business and I partnered up with passionate women and put together:


The Savvy Woman’s Practical Guide to Online Business

Written for women by women in plain English.


15 years in the making, The Savvy Woman’s Practical Guide to Online Business takes the mystery out of doing business on the internet.

You will learn about:

  • domain names, what they are and why you need one
  • what it takes to make your website successful – it’s not what you think
  • how to create a killer homepage and prove your credibility as an expert in your field
  • copywriting tips and tricks
  • social media do’s and don’ts
  • search engines, how they work and what you can do to rank well without spending a fortune
  • promoting your business for very little money or even for free
  • how to price your products and services
  • the legal stuff you need to be aware of, yet no one wants to talk about
  • awesome business tools, which will save you time, money and sanity


Over 100 pages of practical information in plain English!


I’m absolutely sure that the Guide will help your business whether you are online or not that I’m offering an

Unconditional, NO-questions-asked
60-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason you find that The Savvy Woman’s Practical Guide to Online Business does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 60 days from your purchase and I’ll personally refund you right away!

You have nothing to lose!

Buy Today and Save Yourself 15 Years of Learning and Costly Mistakes

For a limited time only



YES! I Want To Learn How To Get My Business Online!


PS.  I promise, there is no fluff … just practical tips and answers to questions you may not even know you need to ask.

PPS. The guide is written by real business women

Feedback from Savvy Business Women …

Savvy Woman's Practical Guide to Online Business Testimonial - Jacqui Bridge

I absolutely love this ebook! It’s full of useful information that is written in an easy to read and engaging style…I wish this had been available 2 years ago when I had my first web site designed – the one I’m still trying to fix!!

No matter what stage you are at though, this ebook is full of ideas, information and inspiration… An absolute ‘must-read’ if you are thinking of putting together a website for your business, or improving the one you currently have… Thankyou Ivana and co. for putting together such a fabulous resource!”

Savvy Woman's Practical Guide to Online Business Testimonial - Nicki Kuurman

Thank you so much for publishing this Fantastic Ebook!

If only I had my hands on this Ebook when I first went into business! I am now restructuring and rebranding my business because of all the mistakes I made (mostly out of fear) when I designed my first website. It is so difficult to get accurate, relevant business information for a start up business all in one place, let alone in language that is easy to understand.

Marketing terrified me and I was like a deer in the headlights trying to navigate my way around it. This Ebook has helped me clarify my position and identify the areas of my business that I need further assistance with and what I am now able to tackle myself.

Savvy Woman's Practical Guide to Online Business Testimonial - Catherine Ayad

The Savvy Woman’s Practical Guide to Online Business is on the most valuable books I have read to date! Cannot thank you enough for sharing this info. How amazing!  A must read for any woman wanting to get her business online.

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