How to Ensure Your Website Gets Shared on Social Media

Social content sharing is one of the Web 2.0 or social media marketing tools available to internet marketers today and if used correctly can provide a great traffic source for your website. How do you create great social content sharing web pages?

Social Content Sharing Begins with Good Content

The first step in creating great social content sharing pages is to write a few good articles. The article should be interesting and informative for the reader as well as being search engine optimized both to get good Adsense results on the website as well as to improve the amount of traffic you receive to your Hub Page or Squidoo lens.

Search engine optimization, or more particularly keyword optimization (making sure that your hub or Squidoo lens has the correct density of the keywords you have chosen) helps to ensure that the Adsense ads that are displayed on your Hub or Lens accurately reflect what you have on your page. When they do then your visitors will be more likely to click on these ads so making you more money.

In addition, many people still use search engines to find the information they require online and so you want to make sure that your Hub or Lens appears on the first few pages of the search engines and this means ensuring that it is correctly search engine optimized with good keywords included in your article and other pages linking back to your hub or lens.

Linking Back to Your Web Page

When using social content sharing as a traffic generation strategy for your website you obviously want to link to your website somewhere on the page. When doing so remember that you don’t want too many links to the same domain on the same page – Hub Pages limit is two links per hub. I recommend putting one near the beginning of your article and one in a resource box which tells the visitor about your website and provides some incentive to visit.

Providing an Incentive to Visit Your Website

If you want people to go from your social content pages to your website you need to give them some incentive to do so. A good idea is to give something away for free – an e-book or piece of software. Another way you can do it is to just provide more information on the same topic on your website, so you start telling people about something on your hub page or Squidoo lens and then continue the topic on your website so they can learn more by visiting. Provide a separate text box with what you are offering and another link to your website.

Social Content needs to be Interactive

An important element of social sites is that they are interactive and so you need to draw these elements into your pages with, for example, polls, comments, etc. These modules are easily added on websites like Squidoo and Hub Pages and all you really need to know is what to write to encourage people to comment or your question for the poll with a few possible answers.

Add Other Modules for More Information and Interest

Once you have your article and a way for people to interact with the page you may also want to consider adding a few other modules to make the page more interesting or informative for your reader – sell Amazon or EBay products, include YouTube videos, or even just add a few related graphics to the page. Hub Pages and Squidoo make it easy to do all these things simply by clicking on different links on your ‘edit hub’ or ‘edit lens’ screen when creating your page that allows you to either add a box to your page which will contain Amazon or EBay products with keywords you choose, add a video, or anything else. All of these features are included on both websites – Hub Pages generally has links to add these at the top right corner and when you click on the element you want it will add it to the bottom of your page; Squidoo has a link on the right where it says ‘Add Modules’-‘Browse all modules’ and from there you can choose which module you want to add and click on it.

Let People Know the Page is there

Once you have a great social content sharing page you want to share it so be sure to bookmark it on the other social sites and take part in other areas of the social content sharing website to get more visitors.

Social content sharing is a great way to promote your business so write a few good articles, add some interaction and other modules as well as an incentive to visit your website and then make sure people know to visit.


by Ivana Katz
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