How to Kickstart a Successful Business – Ultimate Checklist

The steps you take when you start up a small business are essential to your long term success. Skip some of these steps and you will feel it later. If you take due diligence and start your small business properly then you will experience the success you deserve.

Before You Start Up a Small Business Take a Personal Analysis

This is a step that many people seem to ignore or forget about but one that is really essential to whether you are going to succeed in your small business or not. It is important to take a personal analysis and look at what you can bring to your small business and where you may experience problems.

Write down what skills you bring to the business, what interests you and will keep you motivated in small business, and what personality traits you have that will influence the way you do business. If you are a shy introverted person then you will more than likely fail if you try to do direct sales but put you in a position that is better suited to your temperament and you can shine.

Market Research – It Doesn’t Help if No one Wants What You Have to Offer

It can be tempting to skip out this step as well. Market research may seem like a horrible chore and you may not even realize its significance before you start but unless you do it you will not know whether you are truly going to be successful with something or not.

Market research is essential when you start up a small business because it tells you whether people will really be interested in and purchase your products or services. If they aren’t then no matter how good you are at it, no matter how well your personality may be suited to the position, you will not make a success of it.

If you are going to start an offline business then your market research may include going into public places and doing questionnaires on people to determine their interest. Online the best market research tools include keyword research tools, social networking websites, forums, and other places where people congregate online.

Do a SWOT Analysis for Your Potential Business

In the first step we said to do a personal analysis to determine what business you were best suited to. Once you have done this and also determined what the demand is in the marketplace you should also do a SWOT analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business itself.

This would include factors such as the amount of money you have available to establish the business (is this a strength or weakness), how is the competition you will be facing, what are the economic situations surrounding this business. All of these factors will influence your success.

By understanding your SWOT analysis you will also be able to see what you can do to overcome your weaknesses and threats and to emphasize your strengths and opportunities.

Create a Business Plan

Now that you understand what you bring to the business, what your target market is like, and your SWOT analysis the final step is to create your business plan. Your business plan should include all this information as well as your business idea, details on your target market and how you intend to reach your target market and actually make money while you sleep.

If you are going to need additional financing for your business from other investors or the bank then your business plan should also include information on how much you will need, how you intend to use this and how you plan on paying it back. This will be the most important part of the plan to your investors.

If you want to be truly successful when you start up a small business you need to take steps to ensuring that you are the best person for the job and that there really is a hungry market wanting your products. You should also ensure that you understand what circumstances are going to affect your business and that you make a plan for reaching your target market, overcoming obstacles and emphasizing your strengths.


by Ivana Katz
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