Proven Successful Strategies That Will Make People Buy

You have what you consider to be a great website up but for some reason people just aren’t buying? In order to make people buy you often need to push some emotional buttons that will help them decide that your product is exactly what they need.

Making People Buy Means Showing Them What Will Happen if They Don’t

One of the things you should think about when crafting sales copy is what will happen if people don’t buy your product? Think about what problem they are currently facing that they will continue to face unless they purchase your product.

Let’s say for example that you are selling a skin care range. Perhaps your customers suffer from acne and you want to draw attention to how they are feeling now – embarrassed by the marks, lack of self-confidence, etc. and tell them how your product can help them fix this problem. Without it they will continue to feel this lack of self-confidence but with it, they could change their lives.

Make Them Picture the Ideal

In addition to pointing out the problem in a way that makes them painfully conscious of it you also want to provide a solution and help them to picture what life can be like. Use emotional language to appeal to needs and desires that fit in with your product – we all have a need for love, self-esteem, belonging, etc. Most people desire things like money, costly possessions, a romantic partner, etc. Use these to your advantage and show how your product can help fulfil these needs and desires.

Backup Your Emotional Appeals with Testimonials

Has someone told you how much more confident they felt after using their product, how they found their dream man or woman or how they have increased their wealth? Use these to back up the emotional statements you make. Generally these people are emotional – they are excited about what your product has done for them and they are the perfect people to promote your product to others. They know what it is to have gone from the problem to the solution and ideal with your product.

Encourage Action

Once you have presented your emotional appeals and backed these up with evidence such as that from excited clients then it is time to make sure your readers know exactly what they are supposed to do – spell it out! Give them precise instructions to click the buy button or take whatever other action you require from them.

We all have emotions – negative emotions where we have a lack and need something to fulfil a need or solve a problem; and positive emotions when these needs and desires are fulfilled. Sales copy should make use of these emotions, back it up with evidence and then provide clear instructions on what to do next. Does your sales copy do this?


by Ivana Katz
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