Episode 13

Trust Icons – Best Way to Boost Your Website’s Credibility

As published on Humaneity Podcast

In this episode, we discuss how to boost your website’s credibility

This week’s AGENDA:

  • Review what we discussed last time
  • Website review – Rolzo
  • Today’s topic – Trust Icons – Best Way to Boost Your Website Credibility
  • FAQ – If I use a theme or template, won’t my website look the same as everyone else?
  • Tools and downloadables
  • Homework

Website Review



  • Nice Clean Design
  • Logos of well known companies which goes to credibility
  • Lots of really useful information and car images
  • They have addressed Covid19 information

Suggestions for improvement

  • No phone number or location or ability to chat live
  • Missing home page button
  • Include a video on homepage which explains the service
  • Most people won’t know what an API is – have more details about how it works

Best Way to Boost Your Website’s Credibility 

  • Professional design
  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Media mentions
  • Client logos
  • Before and after shots
  • Portfolio
  • Contact Details
  • Trade Association Memberships and certifications
  • Awards
  • Share your numbers and name drop
  • Include Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


44 Powerful Ways to Build Trust with Your Visitors


If I use a theme or template, won’t my website look like everyone else’s?

The answer is yes and no.  If you download a theme and only change a few images, then yes your website will look like everyone else’s.

So the trick is to use the general look and functionality of the theme, but then add your own original content.


Come up with a list of trust icons you will include on your website