Episode 14

How to Monetize Your Website

As published on Humaneity Podcast

In this episode, we discuss how to make money from your website.

This week’s AGENDA:

  • Review what we discussed last time
  • Website review – Global Sports Channel
  • Today’s topic – How to Monetize Your Website
  • FAQ – How can I get more people to engage with me on social media?
  • Tools and downloadables
  • Homework

Website Review



  • Design is great – consistent colours and fonts throughout
  • Images are great
  • Content is original and is well presented
  • You have lots of calls to action
  • You offer lots of opportunities for people to get involved

Suggestions for improvement

  • How Our Sports Channel Will Change Lives – at the top of the page
  • Info at top of About You page – include on home page – We created the Global Sports Channel for YOU. For all of the sports fans, and the people who are involved in sport across the world. Sport unites us like nothing else on the planet. Sports inspire us, it motivates us, and it connects us.
  • How do I know if this is for me – who is your target audience?
  • Can you create pages based on sport and then include interviews, products etc that relate to that particular sport?
  • On product reviews – can you set up affiliate program where you can send people if they want to buy the products?

Topic to be discussed – How to monetize your website

  • Shopping cart – real products or digital products
  • Website with Amazon or eBay Store
  • Affiliate program – offer other people’s products without having to ship them
  • Sponsor ads – contact complementary businesses and ask if they would like to advertise on your website
  • Google adsense – Include Google ads on your website – popular on blogs
  • Online consulting / training – suitable for service providers such as coaches and consultants
  • Create online course or membership portal – suitable for any business

More info


Answer a question

How can I get more people to engage with me on social networks?

Most people’s idea of social media marketing is just posting, but there are 3 other key elements:

  • Like / comment / share other’s people content without asking for anything. People are naturally curious and will check out your profile.
  • Ensure your profile is set up properly
  • Request to connect to people – but not just anybody – your ideal clients.


Choose an extra income channel for your website