5 SEO Tasks Your Secretary or Assistant Can Do in Their Spare Time

When you’re out of the office or during downtime, your secretary could be completing SEO tactics that won’t take up too much time. He or she could be maximizing your website in the search engines in between answering your phones or scheduling your appointments.

1. Research and Target Relevant Keywords

Before adding more content or following any of the other suggestions, it’s vital that your secretary is able to find relevant keywords for your industry. The keywords should be more specific than a general one like HVAC, home builder or lawyer. When you choose keywords, they have to be more specific to ensure that you’re moving up in the search engine rankings. It’s not enough to publish a website. If you want to find organic traffic through SEO, you have to find the right keywords. If you’re a personal injury attorney, use keywords like car accident lawyer or slip and fall attorney to gain relevant traffic. You can use Google’s own keyword planner to find the right SEO keywords.

2. Guest Posting for Other Sites

To build links to your site, you will have to create content that is sharable. When building a website or blog, it’s helpful if you build solid relationships with others in the industry. For example, if you’re in the business of HVAC, you’ll want to build relationships with builders and other contractors. You can work together to gain customers and clients while sharing online content too. On their home buyer’s website, you could write a blog post covering the best types of air conditioning units for a new home. Your secretary should be able to foster these relationships through email or calling local builders and establishing your name with them.

3. Adding to Directories and Sharing Sites

Your secretary should be regularly adding posts or content to the website or rewriting and updating existing information. Even if he or she isn’t doing so, there should be plenty of content that can be promoted to directories like Alltop. It’s vital that you have enough content before you request to be added. On other sites like Digg or Stumbleupon, anyone can add content once they’ve created an account. Share all your pages within these sites to see an increase in traffic and links.

4. Create a Variety of Content

While you’re creating content for both search engines and visitors, you need to ensure that Google likes the content that you’re creating. Readers of your blog will want a variety of information in different formats. Not everyone is a reader. Some people are visual and need to see pictures, video and other forms of media.


Even without a background in graphic design, there are programs that allow anyone to create infographics quite easily. One of those programs is Canva. They have a template that will allow your secretary to simply add graphics and text to create a stunning infographic. The software is free unless you choose a graphic that costs money, and you’ll have to pay $1 for each one.


A site like Slideshare allows you to add your content in the form of a slideshow. You can use a blog post you’ve already created, add pictures and create a new type of content. You can upload it to Slideshare for the backlink too. Taking one piece of content and using that content to create a variety of media is the perfect SEO task for your secretary to do in his or her downtime.

Regular Blog Posts

Posting content regularly allows you to target different keywords to drive traffic to your site. Even one post a week can have the desired effect, which is to generate more visitors. Once that content is posted, the other tasks can be used to create backlinks from other sites to yours.

5. Social Media Interactions

All the posts that you create should be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest depending on your industry. Along with sharing your posts, be helpful to your audience by sharing other posts relevant to their interests. You don’t want to be completely promotional, or your audience will tune you out and ignore your posts.

All of these tasks can be done in your secretary or assistant’s spare time. He or she doesn’t have to spend hours and hours per week on these tasks. It only takes a short amount of time for each task on this list.


Joel House runs a leading Queensland based SEO Agency  – Joel House Search Media. When he is not growing businesses across Queensland, he has his head in books to ensure he is on the cutting edge of all things small business and digital marketing