6 Businesses You Can Run from Self Storage Units

If you’re running a small business from home successfully, chances are that even though you’ve chosen a dedicated space just for work, the work has taken over the whole house nonetheless. Although you try to keep your business operations enclosed in a certain area, it somehow always manages to get out, in form of products all over the house, paperwork on the sofa and materials lying around.

If this is your case, it may be time to step things up with a more professional location — like an office or other place of business. However, if you’re not in the position to take out lease and add hundreds or even thousands a month to your overhead, there is another solution. A 20 to 30 square meter storage unit can be inexpensive and give you all the space you need. Here are some businesses you can take on from self-storage units:


If you’re selling your products online, whether through your own shop or something like Ebay, a self-storage unit is an ideal solution for your business. Not only will you have an office where you will take in your orders, you can also use it as a photo studio for your merchandise and also store it there, where it will be safe. You probably have your goods piled up all around the house so you will make room in it by storing everything in the storage unit. If you’ve considered starting an online business, make sure to get all the information before you get started and follow the numerous guides you can find online.


If the facility allows such activity, opening the door to your store regularly could only mean popping the lock and sliding open the doors to your new second hand shop. Records shop, bookstore, clothing store, furniture studio – whatever it is, it can be done from a self-storage unit. Choose the right unit for your business and start selling things. Your home will be grateful for taking everything out of it and making more space. You can organize your shop by buying some nice shelves and putting clothes or whatever it is you’re selling on them, nicely decorating the unit and of course, don’t forget to set up a cash register near the entrance.

Audio/Video producing

Provided that it’s allowed to do that, adequately constructing a storage unit into a studio is a brilliant choice, no matter what your business is. Many units are spacious enough to allow space for shooting videos or recording sound and you can even make space for a desk with a laptop or a computer for editing of the final product. Just be sure to have a good sound engineer on standby. The confines of a storage unit are sure to present some challenges for audio. You can also try and insulate the unit so the audio quality is better and recording goes smoother. There are many guides on sound-proofing rooms on a budget, so take that into consideration.

Photo studio

A professional photo studio can be made everywhere – even in a self-storage unit, if the facility approves that, of course. Proper backdrops and lighting are key to good photos and with those in place, it’ll be impossible to tell your shots were taken inside a storage locker. With some adjustments, you can make an ideal area for a photo studio where you can take your clients and maybe even find space for a desk for editing photos. Make sure you have the right equipment (camera, flashes, tripod, background, and lighting) and there are dozens of guides on how to make your own photo studio on a budget.

Fixing companies

If you repair damaged or broken products, it’s a high possibility that you don’t have enough space at home or in your workshop at the moment. Storing all these things at home can be awkward or impossible, especially if you don’t live alone and find yourself trespassing on everyone else’s space. Those with handy skills and the ability to fix just about anything broken need room to operate and even more room to keep all the tiny parts and tools that they need to get the job done. You can solve this problem by renting a self-storage unit to free up more space. You can store your backlog of repairs, or even carry out the required repairs within the self-storage unit. There are a few hazards, however – fires in self-storage units can spread quickly. If your repairs include any kind of fire or electricity, make sure to be careful when you work and don’t ignore the warnings. For the most part, units are not ventilated well. Be careful not to get stuck or injured in a unit, because there’s a chance that no one will notice.


If you’re an accountant, a self-storage unit is ideal for you. It can allow you to store all your important paperwork for your clients in a safe and secure location, and best of all, they won’t be in the way of anyone and safe from any damage. There’s something you need to make sure of, though: most storage units are not designed for people to be in for long periods of time. You need to make sure to get some light into the unit and for it to be ventilated well, or else you won’t be doing yourself any favors by staying there the whole day – probably making you less productive than usual.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re selling online or fixing car parts, making your living space more livable and finding a space where you can work uninterrupted is of the utmost importance. These are some of the businesses you can take out of your house and into supercheap storage units – a practical and inexpensive solution to making more room and expanding your business without having to buy a pricey office or other kind of business space. These solutions are simple and innovative, but just be mindful of the facility’s policy and follow safety measures at all costs.

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