8 Amazing Ways For SEO To Help Small Businesses

In a world full of large scale companies competing in a cut-throat environment, a lot of small ventures get beaten by a considerable margin. From logistical capabilities, enormous financial differentials, to overall company power, a small business just cannot compete with such huge corporations.

For small time entrepreneurs, the fact stated above may discourage them from starting home-grown ventures. They think that they’ll just end up with the other businesses that get eaten up by the “Big Boys.”

However, to the few who want to wade into deep waters and test the market, an emerging strategy is beginning to take the world by storm: Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

Here are some advantages that SEO can bring to small time business owners.

Cost Efficiency

One of the advantages that SEO can bring is that utilizing it doesn’t have to cost too much. As with other types of businesses, finances usually have to be spent. These funds are called investments. There are a lot of services out there that can offer help when it comes to SEO ranking.

Some companies who manage SEO, they have a “no rank, no pay” policy. This system means that if a blog or site does not appear to rank, then the entrepreneur doesn’t have to pay anything to that company.

Running with the Big Boys

Even if a company begins in someone’s garage or spare bedroom, as long as they have access to the internet, a smart entrepreneur can snatch away numerous customers from large and successful brands. To do this, a business owner just has to get in front of a target market.

New Ventures

A business owner may be operating in China, but SEO can give you a lot of chances for reaching customers in London. All they have to do is to reach out towards them. This quick and fast paced approach is the reason why SEO is beginning to be a trailblazer in the world of business.

Traffic Boost

Having a website can be very beneficial for small time business owners especially if the site has a detailed view of what they are trying to sell. With that said, just having a website without traffic is just that: A website. You need to have good traffic to spread the word about your product.

Access to Data

Starting an SEO marketing campaign can enable you to find data that fits the pattern of what your customers are into nowadays. That piece of information can be the basis for new ideas and new products. Feedback made by clients can serve as a way for improving services and products.


A lot of SEO campaigns often utilize mobile-friendly websites which can enable entrepreneurs to keep up with trends. Not only that, being mobile ready can open up endless possibilities for a business to thrive.


Most often, people trust Google and other credible sources to find the answers to their queries. Having good SEO means that your website gets to be vouched by Google. Trust ratings surge if respectable sites and SEO engines rank your site in the top 10 or better yet the top 3 rankings on a search page.


Compared to newspaper ads that vanish with time, SEO rankings can stay up there for a long time. Of course, more and more content will have to spring up, prompting entrepreneurs to provide more quality content. Running a business is hard work, even with the help of SEO. However, these rankings can cost a fraction of the total cost that TV or newspaper ad can.


Small time business owners shouldn’t be afraid of large corporations. In fact, being small and homegrown can become an advantage as customers find the passion and high quality that business owners want to exhibit when selling their products in most small companies. If used wisely, SEO can significantly boost a small time venture into new heights of success.

About Author …

Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur who founded LinkVista Digital and a mentor by heart. He has highly respectable entrepreneurship track records. Patrick also has years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. Being an instructor and a result-driven type of person, he loves teaching and molding young minds so that they can become respected leaders in their fields. You may connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.