8 Examples of Hidden Content Gems in Your Business

Do you often scratch your head wondering what to say about your business online or in newsletters? You’re convinced that your business is boring and no one is likely to read about it.

People don’t want to hear from you just when you have something to sell. Salesy types of emails can annoy customers if they haven’t built a connection with your business in other ways.

The key to good content creation is thinking about how one piece of content can be repurposed for different audiences and platforms. You can find content nuggets at different points in your business – it just needs a little creativity.

In this post, I’ll share how to find the content gems lurking in your business, and how to turn them into content you can share proudly.

#1: Your story

As a business owner, sharing your story and photo on your website is a powerful way to connect with your customers. People will do business with you if they like and trust you, and your ABOUT page is a great starting point. Share your story as often as you can – in newsletters, on social media posts, in email campaigns. Tell people who you are, and what made you start your business and how you can help them too.

Example: The Chai Room

#2: Customer stories

So, you have a great product and raving fans. Why not turn their testimonials into a video or a slideshow for social media? Share these liberally on your blog, as social media posts and especially in email campaigns. Let your customers tell the world how awesome you are. This will attract new fans, build your credibility and increase sales.

Example: XERO’s customer stories

#3: Unique feature of your product or service

Is the chocolate you sell sourced sustainably by a community living at the bottom of a mountain? Turn it into a story about your product. Write a blog on how your product is improving lives elsewhere, customers care about the social and environmental impact of the products they’re buying.

Share photos or videos on Instagram showing the cacao bean being picked, and turned into chocolate by an artisan. Share the artisan’s personal story in your emails, social media and blogs to show customers how their purchases are making the world a better place.

Example: Rafiki Mwema

#4: How you solved a customer challenge

Are you selling a product that helped another business grow and save thousands of dollars? Showcase it in a case study and send it out to your customers. Publish it on your blog or find a local newspaper to write a story on how your product is helping businesses save money.

Add the case study to your proposal or embed it as a video in your introductory email, and send it out to prospective customers to show them actual results they can expect. Interview the customer on a Facebook Live or on LinkedIN so they can share the results themselves.

Example: The Clever Copywriting School member video

#5 Show off your team

Introducing team members on your website is a great way for prospective customers to get an insight into the different people they might be dealing with. It’s a great way to show the personality of the company and have some fun with it. Create a Meet the Team page on your website and go wild!

Have an office pet? People love pets so show them off every chance you get.

Example: WooHoo Natural Deodorant

#6: Create infographics for your business

Have a question you get asked repeatedly that needs a few steps to complete? Why not turn it into an infographic (a diagram) to explain to customers and the public? An infographic is designed to explain a complex idea in simple steps. Add it to your FAQ page too and while you’re at it, write a blog post to explain what the infographic is about and link to your process page.

Example: Venngage

#7: Instagram and Facebook stories

At a customer or networking event? Share it on Instagram and Facebook via the stories function. Launching a product? Give customers a sneak peek through stories. Instagram and Facebook stories are a great way to share short stories about your business and engage your audience in a different way.

Most people are curious about what goes on behind the scenes in a business, and it helps them connect with what you’re doing.

Example: MasterChef Australia uses it to share stories from the kitchen and recipes

#8: Intro emails

Few business owners take the time to introduce themselves to a new customer. Create an intro email to say thanks and tell them more about your business, your story and the product they’ve just bought. Do you have a blog post or video they can watch? Also tell them what to expect next.

Example: Indagare Beauty

I hope these tips have given you some food for thought. One expert tip is to sit down and brainstorm what content you want to share with your audience, and slot them into different platforms. Be creative and experiment with different content to see what strikes a chord with your audience. Once you see some engagement, share more of it.

For example, an EOFY (behind the scenes) sale preparation can go into an email newsletter, social media or Insta stories. Repurpose the content as much as possible as you’ll have different audiences on each of these platforms.


Rashida Tayabali is a copywriter who writes content for female entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their business or idea. She helps female business owners find the right words and their voice. If you’ve got a powerful story or business and want to share it with the world through your website, blogs or social media let’s chat. Contact me via email rashida@rashidatayabali.com.au or call 0403 650 990 for a friendly, no-obligation chat.