Best Promotion Ideas for Your Hotel Business

In any business, a solid marketing strategy is critical to building your brand. It helps attract new customers and persuade them to maintain loyalty. These strategies are used to achieve sales goals and branding initiatives.

The hotel sector is very competitive, and owners have been planning different strategies to bring them more profits than their competitors. Here are some ideas that can help you promote your hotel.

Enhance the Visuals

The visuals play an essential role in attracting customers to the hotels. People love staying in resorts with a fantastic view outside the window, rooftop pools, beautiful gardens, or lawn areas to relax. You should always try to enhance the views that keep your customer visiting again.

You must hire the best professionals to keep your lawn maintained. These experts can provide the best skills to address all your commercial landscaping needs. This will lead to an enhanced customer experience. A positive experience can drive more leads and revenue through word-of-mouth marketing.


Whether centric on music, sports, learning, etc., events can help you generate significant revenues. For instance, if you invite a popular celebrity or influencer for an event at your hotel, it will provide popularity to your hotel and create traction among people. You should hence, take advantage of the events and exhibitions that take place now and then.

You can approach event planners and form a partnership with the organizer. Moreover, offer them to stay at your hotel during the whole time. This way, you can get your hotel promoted on TV ads, social media platforms, hoardings, etc.

OTA Connection

While some hotels still believe in direct booking through their websites, online travel agencies (OTAs) can be more beneficial. As the world goes digital, 2021 has become the year of travel agents and third-party websites. They bring more bookings to the hotel and increase the revenue of your business. These distribution channels spend a significant amount on marketing and can have a better reach than hotel websites.

In addition, the hotel business is a lot competitive now, so you should never limit yourself when it comes to networking. Even if you are doing great with two connections, trying for more will only help you reach more guests through multiple channels.


Whenever you want to purchase a product, you always jump to google to learn each detail about the product. And, after knowing the price, quality, reviews from other buyers, you buy the product.

Your guests will likely do the same when it comes to finding an ideal hotel to stay. Hence, your website must be ranking high on Google searches, which will happen with the help of SEO (search engine optimization). SEO helps drive traffic to your website by ranking it higher in the search engines leading to more revenues for the business.

Google Ads

Once you have appeared in the search engines and business listing, you should ensure your potential leads or guests always remember you. Here, Google ads come into the picture.

Google ads can showcase your hotel and relevant information to a user searching for travel or hotel on the internet. Google ads increase the advertising and allow you to meet a wide variety of viewers. Hence, you get many opportunities to create more direct bookings.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs can be one of the best promotion ideas. With these programs, your hotel can build a rich profile of guests and track their preferences, interests, and spending behavior.

You can include rewards that can provide your guests with real value, such as loyalty points. These loyalty points can be calculated based on the customers’ visits, spend, duration, etc. After the calculation, you can reward them depending on the points they earned. The rewards can include free room upgrades, spa treatments, meals, etc. This behavior will make your guests loyal to you, and they will start preferring your hotel over any other.

Collaborate with Tourism Boards

Hotels need to stay in contact with tourism boards and other government associations to promote their business. These associations can help you arrange various programs at your hotel that will have a regional or higher reach.

Collaborating with tourism can be a smart way to increase the advertisement of your business as these boards promote tourism and businesses of specific destinations.

Collect Reviews

Reviews from each guest are critical to maintaining the reputation of your hotel. Reviews can be a significant way of promoting business. Negative reviews can be corrected the next time, and the positive ones can help attract new guests to the hotel. You should make sure to collect as many reviews as you can and try responding to each of them.

There are numerous ideas that you can use for promoting your hotel. You should just keep trying the modern ways and experiment with them to gain and attract new leads.

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