Top 8 Business Automation Software and Tools for 2024

Business management is not easy as it involves different processes relating to the operation process, human resources, partners, and customers. Hiring more people to take over specific tasks might be a way, yet it’ll make your company structure more complicated and harder to manage. 

That’s why business process automation software is not a trend to watch but is what you must consider applying to your business in 2024. This article unfolds the top 8 tools automating every aspect of your business operations and management, including PayPal, Xero, Zapier, Magestore, Hubspot, Google Bard, Calendly, and Asana.

What is Business Automation Software?

Business automation software leverages modern technology of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), or programming codes to automate various business processes and tasks. Adopting these tools will have a positive influence on your business’s operation efficiency. So, what are their benefits, specifically? 

Why Should You Adopt Business Automation Software?

We’ll walk you through some highlighted reasons why adopting business automation software can be a game-changer for your organization. Here are 4 mainstream benefits of business automation systems. 

  • Enhanced productivity

Having automatic tools handle repetitive tasks frees up your team for high-value activities such as strategic planning, customer service, and innovation. Business process automation software can also decrease human error and remove bottlenecks while ensuring consistent execution. Higher productivity and enhanced outcomes are what you can expect. 

  • Better resource allocation

Automating tasks cuts down on the need for manual labor, meaning your personnel costs will get lower. Besides, the tools can save time and money from doing rework thanks to reduced mistakes. Hence, you can get better utilization and have more budgets to invest more in highly skilled employees and other aspects of your business. 

  • Better customer experience

Automated workflows can provide your customers with swift handling of inquiries and requests. Also, you can use marketing automation software for targeted communication and tailored offerings thanks to insights into customers’ buying behaviors and preferences. Not mentioning the consistent quality of service and streamlined operation of your business will enhance your customer engagement and loyalty altogether. 

  • Competitive advantage

In the fast-evolving modern market, business process automation tools allow you to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. You’ll also suffer from fewer mistakes and operational risks, leveling up your products and services. It means using the automation software can strengthen your competitive advantage. 

Top 9 Business Automation Software and Tools for 2024

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer in fiction movies; more businesses apply such tools and software to smoothen their operation and boost productivity. Here are nine exceptional business automation software tools enabling you to achieve and sustain significant business growth in 2024.  

Magestore POS – Online Offline Checkout Processing & Inventory Management

This is an important tool for retail businesses. Magestore offers POS for Magento and Shopify that helps to process checkout from both online and offline sales sources and collects all data of orders, inventory, and purchases in one platform for easier and more effective management. 

As a result, you will always keep track of which products you should boost sales and which you should reorder with accurate order amounts. Magento’s synced database alleviates your stock management across all your sales channels, which will considerably raise your operational efficiency. 

PayPal – Business Payment Automation Software

Smooth and secure payment transactions are one of the main factors that build trust with customers. The forecast of Statista expects the growth of digital wallets to reach 54% by 2026 and become the most popular eCommerce payment method globally. 

PayPal is definitely among the best business process automation software in terms of payment. According to Civic Science, PayPal ranked as the top digital wallet in the US market, accounting for 36%. Its automated billing can set up recurring payments for subscriptions or memberships and ensure steady cash flow for your business. 

Moreover, the tool has changed the seller protection rule to minimize the loss from inappropriate chargebacks. PayPal is also famous for its robust security measures and fraud prevention tools, which protect transactions from possible online attacks.

Xero – Accounting Management

Xero is one of the highly recommended small business automation software as it can manage all related accounting tasks without hiring an accountancy team. It integrates with your bank accounts, automatically tracking and making transactions and reconciliations. As a result, over 22,600 companies have adopted this tool to alleviate and navigate their accounting tasks better. 

Besides, Xero contacts can enhance your accounting management as every information of customers’ or suppliers’ sales, invoices, and payments in one place. Combined with its job tracking feature that is helpful for project planning, budgeting, quoting, and invoicing can level up the productivity of your accounting. 

Zapier – Workflow Automation

Zapier has helped more than 2 million companies automate complex workflows, such as automatically adding new leads to your CRM, sending emails, and creating tasks for your sales team. Such an automated workflow will considerably enhance your team’s productivity. 

Its integration with over 5,000 apps, from Gmail and Slack to industry-specific software like Salesforce and Shopify, also allows you to operate your business in one platform easily and effectively. Besides, Zapier is a no-code tool, which means you can easily create Zaps (Zapier’s automated workflows) using a drag-and-drop interface.

HubSpot – CRM & Marketing Automation

HubSpot is a popular CRM and marketing automation tool that has earned the trust of over 194,000 companies around the world. It can handle tedious tasks, such as scheduling social media posts, collecting customer data for service improvement and marketing campaigns, and sending personalized emails. 

The tool can be a unified marketing hub thanks to the integration with other software and platforms. Hence, you can easily keep track of the marketing campaigns’ status and performance with the updated customer database to take timely actions on existing and appropriate adjustments to upcoming projects. 

Google Bard – Content Generation

Google Bard is an outstanding marketing automation software for small businesses to put your content creation and idea brainstorming at ease. Although it is in the BETA stage, Bard has reached over 140.6 million visitors every month. 

Bard, the latest Google AI product, can write different kinds of creative content according to your requirements and answer your questions thanks to its massive information stores. 

Bard is still under development, so the beta version costs no fees, which makes it perfect for the marketing teams of small companies to generate content or thoroughly research any topic promptly. 

Chili Piper – Appointment Schedule

Growing business owners can be drowned in external and internal appointments. Chili Piper is an automatic scheduling tool that enables your teammates, partners, and chosen candidates to book an online meeting according to your available time. There are over 112,000 companies that use Chili Piper to support their appointment scheduling. 

It also integrates everything with your preferred software tools and allows you to co-host a client call with a colleague, email reminders, and follow-ups. Hence, it saves you from sending emails back and forth to set an appointment by much more effective communication. – Project Management helps you manage your projects with clear organization, seamless collaboration, and various views. You can break down projects into manageable tasks, subtasks, and milestones, so everyone involved can follow a visual roadmap. Asana has offered assistance in managing projects for more than 36,000 companies around the world. 

The tool also fosters open communication as you can assign tasks, share files, and leave comments directly within the platform. In addition, Asana offers different ways of view types, such as lists, boards, and calendars, so that you can personalize your view to match your workflow.  


The business process automation software we mentioned above covers every crucial aspect of your business, from chargeback management and payment automation to inventory management and scheduling. 

Having these tools as assistants can be a leap for your business processes because they can automate all manual jobs, display workflows, keep track of the project status, and motivate your staff. However, keep in mind the crucial factors, such as your goals, requirements, and budgets, to make the most suitable decision on automation software. 

Creating higher productivity and driving more sales without recruiting more people on board is what you can expect from the adoption of these tools in your company.


Author:  Katie Nguyen

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