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From One Small Business to Another: 5 Gift Suggestions for Business Partners

There’s no better way to show your appreciation for your business partner than with a smart and thoughtful gift, no matter the size of your or their business. Partners make your business thrive and grow, so they deserve to be rewarded for their effort and loyalty.

But what should you get them? A gift card or a spa voucher is a cheap gift without any thought to it, so you need to be more original. If you’re not the best gift-giver, here are some suggestions that will make all of your business partners feel special:

Gift baskets

A gift basket is a traditional corporate gift, but a gift that’s always appreciated. If you put plenty of thought and care into it, you can achieve quite a strong impression with your present. This gift is especially suitable as a holiday gift because you can adjust it to reflect the season and any upcoming holiday.

If you don’t want to bother with getting all the items on your own, you can check out gift basket services online and find excellent options.

There are baskets already ready to ship to your business partner’s address or office, but there are also options for you to create a custom basket that will fit your gift recipient’s needs better.

If you know your business partner loves good wine or whiskey, put some delightful bottles in their basket. Or if you know they have a sweet tooth, fill their basket with candy from all over the world. Unwrapping a gift basket is a real treat and can be a perfect way to surprise someone and put them in a good mood.

Outdoor necessities and gadgets

More and more people are craving the connection with nature, especially after a critical period of the pandemic when we were all stuck inside. If your business partner or employee mentioned spending time in nature, don’t hesitate to surprise them with some new gear. Outdoorsy gifts can range from practical tents for camping to hammocks for outdoor relaxation, bikes and scooters for wild rides and solar panels for portable charging of devices in nature.

A great gift suitable for both more upper-class business partners and youthful active clients or investors is a quality knife. Quality pieces like unique OTF knives are suitable for outdoor use, but also perfect as an addition to any collection. Made for professionals in law enforcement, the military and first responders, a knife like this would not go unappreciated. It’s a great gift that shows that you’re a careful listener paying attention to your partners’ lives and happiness, not just their money.

Tech items

No matter the industry you’re in, a new tech item is always a great gift most people appreciate and use for a long time. Technology has practically infiltrated every industry and every employee’s and employer’s life so this gift won’t go unused.

A great tech gadget gift idea for your business partners is Bluetooth speakers. These are practical and fun and can be used in many situations, both at work and outside.

Portable speakers can connect to anything from a smartphone to a laptop, car radio and even a smartwatch, so they can be used in meetings, on breaks, during team-building exercises and at corporate parties.

In case you know your gift recipient is an active person with a great love of the outdoors (or a self-care royalty), get them a waterproof model that can withstand the elements. Something durable and waterproof can survive sailing and rafting trips as well as long spa days.

People who take a lot of daily calls might rather receive quality wireless earbuds. These allow the users to take and send calls while on the go and they look very classy and modern as well. A model with a comfortable fit and neutral design will be worn by your business partner for hours. And finally, wireless earbuds and portable speakers (as well as any other tech) can easily be personalized with your company’s logo or your business partner’s logo or name.


Time is money, and everyone in the business world knows it. To show your amazing management and appreciation for your partners, clients or employees, gift them a gift of time and organization.

Depending on the type of work you and your partners are in, you can opt for a wall clock, desk clock or a watch.

A wall clock is suitable more for management staff with their own offices. Don’t hesitate to go big with a statement purchase like a grandfather’s clock—this is a timeless element, resonating with elegance, stability, reliability and trust.

A trendy and practical desk clock measuring various parameters like date, time, temperature, etc., is a great gift for any cubicle employee. It’s a perfect gift that will improve their workspace and help them keep their day more organized.

Also, you can always consider a watch as an elegant gift for a more significant date or deal. It’s a symbol of appreciation and a helpful reminder of your business relationship that will travel with your gift recipient wherever they go. This is a perfect gift for active and busy business people who travel a lot, especially if you get a watch model that shows time in different locations simultaneously.


Education and wonder are also always a good present for business partners and other associates. If you choose the right book, it’s a gift that can be appreciated for years without coming off condescending or insulting. Search for books from your field of work that focus on improving certain business aspects.

If you’re scared of your gift being interpreted the wrong way, you can always opt for a book that caters more to your gift recipient’s personal interests. Something based on their hobbies and specific skills or a book that highlights certain themes or places you’ve been to together is also a thoughtful present.

Even if they don’t read it, they will certainly use your book as a very professional-looking decoration for their bookshelf or coffee table. And make sure to take your time with the inscription inside. It should be personal yet professional and a good reminder of your business relationship.

These corporate business partner gifts will seal any business deal and give you partners for life. Be thoughtful and personal, and your gift will not go unnoticed.

Author: Brigitte Evans

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