How to Get More Instagram Followers

1. Make your prof pic and bio amazing and noticeable

The first thing people see is your Instagram biography and picture when scrolling through Instagram. Make yours pretty to look at and different enough to click on. This can include plenty of emojis and any awesome quotes you want to feature in your bio. Make your name catchy and relevant to your brand as well. You want to catch the attention of the other 400 million accounts out there so have fun with your profile and don’t be afraid to stand out.

Trying different combos of C a P i T a L letters also gets you noticed. Play around and have fun with your bio and pic.

2. Pick 1 theme and don’t post selfies or #kidpics

You want your theme to be exactly what your audience loves to look at and can’t live without. If you sell shoes, post gorgeous shoe pictures, hashtag relevant #shoes, and throw in a few inspiration quotes on top of some of your shoe pics.

You just went to the park with your kid? Save that for your personal Instagram if you want to retain followers on your business’ themed account. This will promote trust and a loyal following of interested people.

3. Post ONLY THE BEST content

When you post “eh, mediocre” content your followers will look elsewhere for their photo scrolling needs. You need to either create and post or curate and post the best of the best in your niche to satisfy followers and grow.

4. Follow other Instagram Users

Follow users to gain more followers. Everyone gets notified when they are followed and the industry average followback rate is 14%. People will see your awesome picture, bio and theme and follow you right back if you’ve been implementing tips 1-3 above.

Make sure to follow people who are following your competitors so you know they are already interested in what you have to offer.

5. S4S – Partner with other accounts to share content

This way you are exposing your content to a new audience, gaining new trust and followers, as well as partnering with other like minded accounts which is never a bad thing. You are also exposing your own followers to fresh content and new people to follow which they will appreciate.

At first you may be tiny and no account will trade you a S4S, but if that is the case just ask smaller accounts until you grow. You can also pay for ads on accounts at first and they will share your content gladly until you get big enough to do free S4S

6. Post at the best time

Look at which hours of the day and day of the week your posts receive the highest engagement and then post more at those times.

Wednesday and the hours 2am, 5pm, and 10pm are the best times to post according to a Latergramme study.

Posting at the right time is an even bigger deal with Instagram’s recent algorithm update following in Facebook’s footsteps that shows the content with the most initial engagement at the top of people’s feeds as opposed to time-ordered content as it used to.

by Stacy Caprio –