Personalised Marketing: The Art of Making Your Customers Happy

Having more than 90% profitability, Australian small businesses have become one of the most profitable investment opportunities in the Southern Hemisphere. Yet, not all business spheres meet such a tremendous success. According to the Griffith University reports, administrative and support services along with professional cleaning companies are one of the highest rated industry sectors in the country. But what makes these branches a one way ticket to success?

The Outset of The Australian Small Business Industry

After the outset of the Global Financial Crisis, many entrepreneurs turned their attention to industries which are still not oversold and provide an inexhaustible market capacity. Still developing at that time, the Australian cleaning industry revealed incomparable investment opportunities with a turnover expected to pay off the initial price in the first years of the business development.

With years gone by, many cleaning businesses started to pop up all around the Southern Hemisphere, most of which were able to stay on the market for a very long time. Yet, the challenges of keeping up with the latest technology advancements and sector demands have already put most businesses in jeopardy. With the ever-changing industry standards, few companies have found a way to meet their client’s requirements and develop their customer service to a greater level.

What helped them withstand the competition and get recognised amongst Australians as a leading, reliable service provider?

Marketing by itself just scratches the surface of what Aussie cleaning companies such as Paul’s Home Cleaning Sydney have managed to put in use. Behind the glamour of online advertising hides a force much greater than pure social media marketing. What distinguishes innovative companies from the crowd is personalisation.

Personalised Marketing: An Old Method With a New, Better Approach

Believe it or not, personalised marketing is old as the hills and is considered the best thing since sliced bread in the advertisement world. It’s not a new ballgame we face at, but instead, a rediscovery of a long forgotten rule. Satisfying the customers is a goal-number-one in every industry, yet the true art of bringing value to what you do is a mastery not many enterprises have managed to acquire.

Professional manner, tested supplies and flawless cleaning bring housekeeping services to a whole new level, but what hides behind the true success of a customer-oriented company is tailoring its services by the requirements and quality standards of its clients. Service personalisation can be found in every little gesture which makes a customer feel special. Leaving fresh flowers on the coffee table and helping with an additional basic task are just few of the ways cleaning teams could stand out from the crowd creating a whole new perception of the home cleaning experience they bring to their customers.