Episode 2
The Website Design Process

As published on Humaneity Global Business Show

In this Episode, Ivana shares what we have covered in previous episodes, and what information is required if you are using a Web Designer to build your site.

At the same time, Ivana and Mark talk about creating the Humaneity website, and Mark shares what it has been like from a customer and user perspective.

16 Steps to Building a World Class Website

  1. Register Domain Name
  2. Organise Webhosting (tips on what to look for in a hosting company)
  3. Choose Colours and Fonts (tools for choosing colours including meanings of colour)
  4. Get a Logo
  5. Gather Information for Your Website
  6. Source and Create Images and Banners
  7. Create Videos and Upload them to Video Hosting Platform
  8. Plan Layout and Structure of Your Website
  9. Install Wordpress
  10. Choose a Wordpress Theme and Install It
  11. Add Text, Images, Slideshows, Videos, Photo Galleries, Maps
  12. Install and Configure Plugins for Additional Functionality
  13. Add Google Analytics
  14. Check How Your Website Looks in Different Browsers and on Different Devices
  15. Optimise for Search Engines
  16. Backup Website & Security

Website development process if working with a designer

  • Strategy Call
  • Quote / Pricing
  • Fill out a Service Agreement Form
  • Developer to Issue Service Agreement
  • Sign Service Agreement and Deposit
  • Provide Designer Images and Content
  • Create Website Layouts – See Humaneity’s Initial Website Design Concepts
  • Build Website
  • Final Payment

More Info

Infographic – Website Design Checklist

Tutorial – 16 Steps to Designing an Awesome Wordpress Website

Website Design Concepts – Humaneity Website