Episode 1
Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Getting Your Business Online

As published on Humaneity Global Business Show

In this episode, we talk about how business owners underestimate the power of a website, as well as the simple mistakes many make in website design.

Here is a quick summary of what we cover

You need to be aware of some important numbers:

  • 8 billion websites, 200 new sites every single minute
  • 9-14 touch points,
  • 3-7 seconds to make a good first impression

Let’s address the elephant in the room – Do I need a website?

Website should be the centre of your business universe

  • provide info about products and services
  • sell your products and services
  • answer FAQs
  • show people how to contact you
  • link to social networks, podcasts and videos
  • get visitors to subscribe to you and chat to people via online chat
  • book appointments
  • run online courses through
  • take bookings for workshops or accommodation
  • prove your credibility
  • find out about your visitors through Google analytics
  • promote your business through search engines
  • library of resources and articles and blog posts
  • exchange links with business partners
  • showcase your portfolio
  • offer special deals and promotions
  • download reports, check lists, white papers
  • register for webinar, enter a competition, complete a quiz
  • request a quote
  • create funnels and set up landing pages
  • tell your story

Discover the 27 Reasons Your Website Should Be The Centre of Your Business Universe

Before Getting Your Business Online

Domain name

  • should be short – between 6-14 characters
  • com vs .com.au
  • business name, own name, brand, what you do, product name, keywords
    fastplubming.com.au vs johnwhiteandsons.com.au


  • first thing people see
  • it needs to make a great first impression
  • portray professional image

Understanding your customer

Create an avatar of your ideal customer as it will determine the look and how you speak to the customer

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Children
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Challenges and Pain Points
  • Goals and Values are
  • What do they read
  • Where do they hang out

Choosing a web design platform and theme

We discuss why using Wordpress to create your website is a good idea.


Come up with a domain name – if you have questions email me
Get a logo created 
Create an avatar of ideal client

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