Episode 7

Additional Pages to Include On Your Website

As published on Humaneity Global Business Show

In this episode, we discuss additional pages you may wish to include on your website.

This week’s AGENDA:

  • Review what we discussed last time
  • Website review – https://www.stuartpalm.com/
  • Today’s topic – Additional Pages to Include On Your Website
  • FAQ – How can I convert visitors into paying customers?
  • Tools and downloadable
  • Homework

Website Review



  • Not afraid to use video
  • Testimonials
  • Original photos
  • Has SSL certificate


  • Home page has some information about the Stuart Palm experience, but I need to know what he does within 7 seconds – The Stuart Palm experience does not tell me what he does and hence I might not read further
  • The One Who Knows – is that a byline? What does it mean
  • I am unclear about all the services / experiences he offers – are readings his main services?
  • Products page is confusing and each product needs to be ordered in a different way

Additional Pages to Include On Your Website

  • Links – exchange links with people in your industry. For example if you are a business coach you can exchange links with accountants, solicitors, graphic designers, website designers etc.  The way it works is like this. You find the businesses you would like to exchange links with, add their details to your website – for example the business name, description and link.  Then contact each business and ask them to put a link back to your website.  This can potentially bring you visitors and it doesn’t cost you anything other than a bit of time
  • Resources – these are things that your potential customers may find useful – articles, videos, reports, guides, etc
  • Return & Refund Policy – this is a must if you sell products
  • Site Map – ideal if your website is more than 10 pages – it helps search engines index your complete website
  • Photo Gallery/Portfolio – Show how your products or services are being used by your customers or if you are a graphic designer or an interior designer showcase all the projects you have worked on.
  • Media information – Include any information, articles, photos of your products, staff etc that have appeared in the media – print, TV, radio or internet.
  • Events Calendar – This could be a calendar of events in your industry or for your business


How can I convert visitors into paying customers?

It takes 9-14 touch points for people to get to know you, like you, trust.  Therefore it is important you interact with your customers beyond the initial website visit.

  • Collect email addresses
  • Connect via social networks
  • Engage via live chat
  • Schedule a consult / appointment
  • Complete a quiz


24 Essential Pages to Include On Your Website – https://www.web4business.com.au/downloadables/24-essential-pages-to-include/

How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine – https://www.web4business.com.au/downloadables/how-to-turn-your-website-lead-download/


Come up with a list of additional pages to include on website