Episode 6

Most Important Pages to Include On Your Website

As published on Humaneity Global Business Show

In this episode, we discuss the most important pages to include on your website and why it is important to include them.

This week’s AGENDA:

  • Review what we discussed last time
  • Website review – http://www.camerondueck.com/
  • Today’s topic – Most Important Pages to Include On Your Website
  • FAQ – Where do I get images for my website?
  • Tools and downloadable
  • Homework

Website Review


  • Some great articles
  • Credibility – lists where his articles have been published
  • Some real photos

Suggestions for improvement

  • Design needs to be upgraded – photos need to reflect
  • Needs SSL certificate
  • I don’t really know what is the purpose of the website, other than to share the fact that Cameron has written a book
  • As a website visitor, I really don’t know what’s in it for me and why I should continue to read

Most Important Pages to Include On Your Website

  • Homepage also referred to as welcome page or index page – we will cover that in more detail shortly
  • Services and Products Page – include as many details about the services and products you offer – include a brief description initially and then add as much details as you can for those who want to know
  • Contact us – Your contact details should be on every page, but it is important to have a contact us page, as your visitors expect to see it. On the contact page include details such as your email address, web form, phone number, after hours phone number, street address or post office box, links to social media profiles, skype details
  • About us – details of your employees, your company, industry associations you belong to, awards you have won, community projects you are involved in, opening hours
  • FAQs – turn the content of your website into questions – divide the page into categories. Many people go straight to FAQs page to find information about your services
  • Pricing – I cannot stress enough how crucial this page is. People want to know how much your services are going to cost them.  Even if you can’t provide an exact cost, include a range or a cost per hour.  You can even provide different scenarios of projects and how much your client (real or imaginary) has spent.
  • Testimonials – best testimonials are video testimonials, but if you don’t have those or can’t get them, try to get photos, names and websites of people who provided them. I understand that sometimes it’s not possible because of the sensitive nature of your business, so at least include their first name and city.
  • Blog/NewsSearch engines love fresh content so having a blog or news section which you update weekly is ideal
  • Terms and Conditions – this should include your privacy policy, website ownership details, payment terms.


Where do I get images for my website?

WARNING: Never ever use images from Google images

  • Take them yourself
  • Get a professional photographer
  • Paid stock images
  • Free stock images


24 Essential Pages to Include On Your Website – https://www.web4business.com.au/downloadables/24-essential-pages-to-include/


Come up with a list of most important pages to include on website