Seven Ways to Organize Your Home Office to Create More Space

Keeping an organized and tidy workspace is essential. Studies have shown that concentration is negatively affected in an untidy work environment. So it’s just as important for home workers to keep their workspace clean as it is in a conventional office. As the specialists in both home and office cleaning, at Helpling, we’re uniquely qualified to offer tips on how to keep your home office clean and organized. We’ve put together some of our top tips on how home workers can keep a neat and tidy workspace.

1. Go digital

If you’re working from a home office, space is likely at a premium. Maximise what room you have by digitizing as much of your paperwork as you can. Use laptops or iPads for meetings to shorten your paper trail and reduce printing costs. It is also much better for the environment.

2. Invest in storage

Another option for home workers with boxes upon boxes of paperwork is to use a third party storage service to create more space. It can be a cost-effective and efficient solution, especially if digitizing everything isn’t an option.

3. Keep it tidy

It sounds obvious, but the more of your workspace that is taken up by mess, the less space you have to work in. Make an effort to regularly tidy the mess and clutter that builds up. Consider investing in a cleaning service like Helpling who can take care of cleaning them office along with the rest of your house.

4. Reorganise

Having a properly organised workspace can make a big difference. And it won’t necessarily take a major reshuffle to get you there. Keep electrical wires out the way with cable ties or Velcro wraps. Set up a workflow system that files papers and resources by new projects/tasks – current projects/tasks – completed projects/tasks. These and other simple steps can grant you valuable inches and make your workspace that little bit more ordered.

5. Get creative with containers

Keep your office supplies neatly stored away in baskets, drawers, boxes and desk tidies. Colour code your containers to help you keep track of what office supplies go where. Or even invest in a label maker.

6. Innovate with furniture

Look for innovative furniture, like a dual function sofa/coffee table combination or foldaway desks that maximize your space. It will also add a bit of flair to your home office.

7. Store vertical

Though it may be simple, using cupboards, hooks and shelves maximises space and keeps your workspace tidy by making sure everything has a place in your home office. Storing vertically also saves you vital floor space. Look into floor to ceiling shelving units, which have the additional benefit of making your workspace look bigger.


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