Going green; is it worth it?

Starting a sustainable small business – for real.

It would be easy to answer the question “what challenges do you face when starting a small business” by discussing the difficulties that face any small business owner with a dream and a startup. However cash flow, staff, legal negotiations amongst everything else are common to all small businesses and their stories can be found in any number of articles on ‘how to start a small business’. These difficult, and often tedious challenges, are far from the most immediate challenges that face small businesses looking to operate sustainably.

The forefront challenge is cementing your company values and sticking to them; despite the more obvious short term savings that will (guaranteed) regularly present themselves along the way.

As a startup there are countless options from fit-out to stock purchasing, product manufacture and packaging that present cheap yet environmentally harmful solutions. Try to find the best product that causes the least damage to the environment, or better still improve on what is already available.

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