5 Considerations for Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

There is a whole slew of helpful information for the subject on blogging sites and how to get the most from your hosting options. While this information is important it all begins with the web hosting you have chosen for your needs.

Choosing the wrong web hosting options can have some of the following effects to your rankings and online authority for the worse. In the end, a poor choice can be a waste of cash, time and valuable resources.

Before deciding on the best web host for you there are 5 important points to consider:

1.The Biggest and Brightest Might Not Be the Best for You

There are many big-name companies out there that offer many great advantages and a wide variety of web hosting solutions. Some of these can even be quite versatile. Nevertheless, sometimes we get caught up in their excellent marketing strategies we forget one simple point: Web hosting is not a one size fits all gig.

The thing about big name hosting companies is there services are comprehensive, if you have a limited website with very basic needs it may be good for you. But you should also know that slow loading, downtime and slow customer services are another reality of these solutions and can affect your web site’s efficacy in the long run.

2. Cut-rate hosting may not be your best bet

Economizing can mean looking for the very best value for the lowest possible price, right? Don’t let your quest for the lowest price blind you from seeking the best possible value.

If your site will need special software or the capacity to handle full-scale E-commerce, will the web host you have chosen support this? Will you be using the simplistic WordPress approach? If so, will your web host feature all the services that make regular upkeep and updates an easy task? — Not sure which are the important features? Posted an insightful article on the 8 features to look for in web hosting.

There are so many web hosting options out there, you are sure to find the perfect hosting solution. The best way to find it would be to look at the reviews and sites this web host caters too. Are there many other sites like yours? What have the users commented about the amenities and services? Checking the reviews will alert you to possible issues that can affect the value of your hosting.

Which brings us to important point No. 3.

3. Information from third party reviewers

What is an online presence but a sample of your company’s excellence and professionalism? It would be a shame to besmirch all your hard work in this regard with a little downtime here and some slow loading there.

So, doing your research will include not only a look at all the promised features of a web host and their associated prices, but a look at what third party reviewers are saying.

Following is some of the most important information to look for.

Uptime — is how much time you and your site will be online and in service. Did you know that even the very best web hosting can’t promise 100% uptime? Despite what you may see promised, there are no 100% uptimes and at some point, in the next few months’ internet adjustments for a whole slew of other possibilities will momentarily affect your uptime.

For information on how to rank Uptime for a potential Web Host, check out this site

Speed — It would be a buzz kill to get your site up and running only to find it takes a considerable amount of time to load. It is important to remember that in web hosting the size and traffic from adjoining sites on the same web host can affect the speed of your site as well. Review what special features the web host offers for keeping the speed on your site at an optimal pace.

Support — is crucial. The internet is in a state of constant transition and updating, this means the web hosts must also be updating their services to ensure that the sites all stay posted and accessible. If something should begin affecting the performance of your site, you will need the situation addressed post-haste. If this is not a shining point on the reviews, you could be walking into a money trap.

 4. Testing customer support is allowed

You don’t have to trust the word of reviewers when ascertaining the standards of customer support held by a web host. You can test the customer support before signing on, although this is not offered on all web hosts.

Favour those companies that offer a wide variety of contact options including 24 hr. telephone hotlines, email notifications and even a 24/7 Live Chat. Be sure to ask all the questions you can about the function of your site and the performance of the hosting option.

It will be the urgency and importance they pay to your questions and queries that will give you the best clues to how your site will be treated. A cordial customer service that addresses your needs enthusiastically, attentively and with the skills to provide solutions are gold in the hosting world — and not that uncommon either.

5. Security

Last and by no means least, you will need to make sure the security mechanisms in place are appropriate for protecting the business and transactions of your online presence. Following are some of the most important to look for:

Backups: Web hosting is a testy business at times, imagine waking up to find that last night’s updates or maintenance effectively deleted your web site? Does it really matter whose fault it is when the damage is irreplaceable? Therefore, the best web hosts offer a backup service that can effectively restore your web page in the event of a crisis.

SSLs — If you are going to run an ecommerce site, you will need effective security to protect key information and resources from you and your clients. IF you are not using a third-party service to manage these transactions, you will need a good Secure Socket Layer with your hosting service.

Sitelock — this important addition can protect you from becoming blacklisted. The seal on your site also lets your visitors know they are working with a trusted online business.

In conclusion — there is such a huge variety of web hosting options in operation today, you can surely find the best solution for your needs. But you will need to know exactly what those needs are before you can make this decision.

One final thought is this; you need to make sure the web host can support all the efforts you are applying or will apply in the future. If not, you may find your user experience takes a beating. If you are looking for a reputable web host with a wide variety of hosting options, then there are some reputed hosting providers like iPage, Bluehost, Shopify and Godaddy that offers some practical solutions for a wide variety of online needs


Author: Helen Cartwright

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