How to Build B2B Leads with Email Marketing and Boost Revenue

B2B email marketing is the best way to market your products and generate sales. In fact, email marketing is so essential to online businesses that all industry leaders use it to increase boost their revenue. Therefore, you will not only be missing out on potential customers by not implementing email marketing, but you will get “left behind” by the competition.

The prime requirement for accelerated B2B revenue is the creation of reliable leads. Emails are known to generate the maximum returns on engagement and investments. You can use the tactic to increase visitor traffic to your website.

The following article highlights the sequential procedure to generate B2B email lists.

Meaning and Importance of B2B Lead Generation

Business-to-Business or B2B marketing refers to the practice of selling and purchasing products and services between business entities. Selling your products to different companies instead of clients requires you to follow specific marketing strategies.

Setting everything straight will require a host of skilled decision-makers. B2B leads to aiding in the generation of quality traffic while following the most accurate tactics to attract corporate buyers.

Building a B2B Email List for Revenue Boosting

Discussed below are some interesting and useful ways of generating B2B email lists for enhanced business revenues:

  1. Verification of Email Lists Is Important

A profitable B2B email list consists of customers who have a genuine interest in your services and products. Outdated, fake, and incorrect email addresses are anyway useless for your business’ market reach and stability. This is why it’s essential to only gather high-quality and verified emails when building a B2B leads database.

List verification is necessary if you want your email marketing efforts to be successful. First and foremost, your market reputation is at stake. Sending emails to interested customers is beneficial in increasing product engagement. The strategy also adds value to your site’s IP address. Fake emails, on the contrary, pose questions about the market viability of your products and services.

Moving ahead, service providers fix payment constraints in line with the size of your email list. Having a host of fake addresses will strain your pocket, without rendering any benefits towards revenue generation. Verifying your B2B email list can save you from unreasonable service costs.

  1. Select a Reliable B2B Email Marketing Provider

Selecting the right service provider for email marketing is as essential as generating a viable email list. The correct provider ensures you can conveniently create and send product campaigns to target customers. There are some important factors to keep in mind while choosing your B2B email marketing provider.

The selected email service provider should have a drag and drop building functionality. This helps to easily create and send elegant mail newsletters. Another important characteristic of an ideal email service provider is marketing automation. The feature caters to simultaneously sending large quantities of personalized emails.

Your email service provider should also allow segmentation of the email list into several groups. The division should be centered on the requirements and preferences of your existing and potential subscribers.

  1. Work with B2B Lead Magnets

B2B magnets are business perks that are offered by vendors in return for their email addresses. These incentives work as ‘stimulants’ to attract customers’ interest in being a part of your email list. This eventually works to boost your business revenue. Follow our top 10 steps to improving lead conversion if you want to take your revenue to the next level!

A lead magnet is generally useful or informative content that can be downloaded from the marketer’s website in exchange for the email address. Examples include checklists, product and service guides, white papers, eBooks, etc.

The lead magnet needs to be exact, readily accessible, and aid in real-time problem-solving under specific situations. Plan your strategies in line with the potential requirements of your customers. For instance, a lead magnet on your site may clear common product queries, while the another may provide specialised training.

  1. Use Several B2B Lead Forms on Your Site

Adding multiple lead forms on your business site is a smart way to attract customers to join your email list. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a host of lead form categories.

Lightbox popup generates a quick call to action while expanding through the entire screen. Using the Notification Bar can be helpful if your service intends a message delivery. The bar appears at the header or footer of your site, for the message to be entered.

The 2-step option is useful where your product or service requests the visitor’s participation or opinion. You can use them in Yes/No forms or on click popups.

  1. Try Hands-on Gated Content

Gated content is the specific information you need to fill in some form for convenient access. The commonly included details in a gated form are your name, contact number, email address, and company. You can always gate the best content on your site to boost your services and products’ B2B email list.

Blog posts are the commonest class of gated content; however, there are other options as well. You can look forward to gating your webinars, white papers, and research reports. It would be wise to add gated content parallel to the ungated one. You can also prefer locking some specific content that is sharable and benefitting in the true sense.

Gating your content should be dealt with enough attention, owing to their dual-faceted response. Gating can divide your B2B email list for a comprehensive subscriber analysis. However, the visitors’ reluctance to fill forms has also led to total content unlocking on some business sites.

  1. Work on Email List Segmentation

Email list segmentation can go a long way in giving an exponential rise to your business revenue. The strategy helps to send personalized and targeted emails to the members of your B2B email list. Such emails are quite impactful compared to generically broadcasted messages that reach every email address mentioned in the list.

Creating a segmented list helps you to address the varying subscriber needs with unique and effective solutions. You can create utility tags with your Email Service Provider and use them in the campaign designing process. Almost all high-revenue businesses prefer email list segmentation for effective B2B email marketing.

Working with lead magnets is a smart way to create targeted customer groups in your email list. You can also create email marketing campaigns for  specific content on your website to address a defined group of visitors. The strategy effectively generates long-term revenue for your B2B products and services.

  1. Create Appealing Calls to Action

Calls to Action are highly instrumental in generating effective B2B leads that promise high revenue. They are generated to gather customers’ opinions and initiate visitor participation. When using the CTA facility for B2B email marketing, you should have enough clarity about what you want the visitors to do.

Action words like, ‘Download’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Join’, etc., are useful strategies to craft effective CTA. You can also introduce action urgency with words like, ‘Now’, ‘Here’, etc., and highlight service scarcity with words, such as, ‘Only for Today’, etc. Using phrases like, ‘Money Back Guarantee’ or ‘Available for Free’ are signals of risk-free participation for visitors.

  1. Experiment with Exit-Intent Technology

Exit-intent technology is commonly used by ecommerce sites, but it can also be effective for lead generation and other purposes. If you’re thinking of using exit-intent technology on your own site, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure that the message you display is relevant and targeted to the visitor. Generic messages are less likely to be effective.

Second, don’t overuse exit-intent technology or you risk annoying visitors and driving them away for good. Used correctly, however, exit-intent technology can be a helpful tool for keeping visitors engaged with your site.

The Exit-Intent technology helps you to retain site visitors and stop them from leaving. You may not gain direct sales, but the email addresses of such visitors will still be available for access.

B2B email marketing can be the key to establishing your credibility in an industry. It’s also one of most effective ways for generating leads and increasing revenue, but only if you use it correctly! Make sure that when following these tips for best practices.


by Michelle Ford

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